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Newsday Crossword Answers for May 9, 2024

Newsday Crossword gives you a unique set of crosswords with logical twists, and we have covered the answers below in this article.

by Dheshni

Updated May 09, 2024


Newsday Crossword Answers for May 9, 2024

Newsday Crossword

The Newsday Crossword just challenges you with a grid of squares where you have to find the correct answers, which is a good way to test your vocabulary and basic skills. The clues can range from easy to difficult, making the crossword interesting for all levels of solvers.

You can learn new topics, word play techniques, and strategies so you can solve them, which further improves your skill level. If you are not able to find the answer, we have provided the answers for better clarity.

Nutrition label amts.

Answer: CALS

"CALS" is an abbreviation for "calories," which is often seen on nutrition labels to indicate the amount of energy provided by a particular food or beverage. Calories are a unit of measurement for energy derived from carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and other nutrients in food

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Brandy designation

Answer: VSOP

VSOP" is an acronym that stands for "Very Superior Old Pale," which is a designation used to classify certain types of brandy. It indicates that the brandy has been aged for a minimum period of time, typically at least four years, and has developed a smooth and refined flavor profile through the aging process.

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Browns quickly

Answer: SEARS

"SEARS" refers to the cooking process of quickly browning the surface of food, typically by exposing it to high heat. This technique is commonly used in cooking to develop flavor, texture, and color on meats, vegetables, and other ingredients.

Gallic gal pal

Answer: AMIE

"AMIE" is a French word meaning "friend" or "female friend." In the context of the clue, "Gallic" refers to anything related to France or its culture, so "Gallic gal pal" can be interpreted as a French female friend, with "AMIE" being the appropriate term.

Brief confirmation

Answer: ITIS

"ITIS" is a short form of "It is," often used informally in written communication or speech as a quick way to confirm or acknowledge something.

Chinese cuisine

Answer: HUNAN

Hunan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from the Hunan province in south-central China. It is known for its bold and spicy flavors, with dishes often featuring ingredients such as chili peppers, garlic, and vinegar.

Sub __ (hidden)

Answer: ROSA

"Sub ROSA" is a Latin phrase meaning "under the rose." It is used figuratively to indicate something that is done or said in secret or in a confidential manner.

With 59-Across, what 28- and 47-Across are


"California" is a state in the United States. When combined with "With 59-Across" (which we don't have in the clues), it suggests that 28- and 47-Across relate to California in some way, likely indicating that they are types of things associated with or originating from California.

Ore hauler


A tramcar is a vehicle used for transporting ore or other materials in a mine or quarry. It typically runs on tracks and may be powered by various means, including cables, electricity, or diesel engines.

Taking in

Answer: SEEING

"Seeing" can mean perceiving or observing something with the eyes. In the context of the clue, "taking in" can be interpreted as a synonym for "seeing" in the sense of visually apprehending something.

Card reader often outdoors

Answer: ATM

An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a machine that allows users to perform banking transactions, such as withdrawing cash, checking account balances, or transferring funds, using a plastic card (such as a debit or credit card). ATMs are often located outdoors, such as on the street or in the exterior walls of banks, for convenient access by customers.


Answer: ARTIST

A virtuoso is a person highly skilled in a particular art or craft. In this context, "artist" can refer to someone who is exceptionally talented or accomplished in any artistic endeavor, such as painting, music, or performing arts.

Custodian’s collection

Answer: KEYS

A custodian is someone who is responsible for the care and maintenance of a particular place or thing. In this case, the custodian's collection refers to a set of keys that a custodian would typically possess to access and secure various areas or items within a building or facility.

One of a tall twosome


Giant sequoias are among the tallest trees in the world, native to California's Sierra Nevada mountains. They are known for their impressive height, massive girth, and longevity. In this context, "one of a tall twosome" likely refers to the giant sequoia being one of a pair of trees known for their remarkable height.

Old Testament prophet

Answer: EZRA

Ezra is a prophet and scribe who appears in the Old Testament of the Bible. He is traditionally credited with the authorship of the Book of Ezra, which recounts the return of the Jews from exile in Babylon and the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem

Host’s incoming mail

Answer: RSVPS

"RSVPS" is an abbreviation for "responses," often used in the context of event invitations to indicate the number of guests who have accepted or declined the invitation. In this case, "Host's incoming mail" refers to the responses received by the host in reply to their invitations.

Huck’s pal

Answer: TOM

In Mark Twain's novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," Huck's pal refers to Tom Sawyer, a character who is Huck's close friend and companion throughout the story. Tom Sawyer is known for his adventurous spirit and imaginative schemes.

Stable sounds

Answer: NEIGHS

Neighs" are the vocalizations made by horses, commonly known as whinnies or neighs. In the context of the clue, "stable sounds" refers to the noises that horses make while in their stables or barns.

Copier’s assertion

Answer: SOCANI

"SOCANI" does not seem to match any common term or phrase related to the clue. It's possible that this might be a typographical error or a less common expression. Without more context, it's difficult to provide a precise explanation for this answer.

Ending for stock or block

Answer: ADE

The clue suggests looking for a word that can be added to the end of "stock" or "block" to form another word. When you add "ade" to the end of "stock," you get "stockade," and when you add "ade" to the end of "block," you get "blockade."

Part of an Uncle Sam costume

Answer: BEARD

Uncle Sam is often depicted as having a long, white beard, which is a prominent part of his costume.

Low-pH chemical

Answer: ACID

Acids are substances that typically have a pH level below 7, making them low in pH.

One of a tall twosome


The clue suggests looking for something that is part of a pair of tall objects. A "tall twosome" could refer to a pair of tall trees, and "Giant Sequoia" fits this description, as it is a type of tree known for its immense size and height

Fond longing

Answer: WISH

Longing often involves a strong desire or wish for something that one wants or yearns for. In this case, "wish" represents that fond longing or desire.

“And __ off!” (racetrack shout)

Answer: THEYRE

In a racetrack context, the shout might be "And they're off!" signaling the start of a race. So, "THEYRE" fills in the blank, indicating the beginning of the event.

NBC comedy showcase

Answer: SNL

SNL stands for "Saturday Night Live," which is a long-running comedy showcase aired on NBC. It's a renowned platform for sketch comedy, celebrity guest appearances, and musical performances.

Capital west of Ararat

Answer: ANKARA

Ararat is an eastern region in Turkey. The capital city west of Ararat is Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey.

Fall copiously


"Cascade" can mean to fall or flow copiously, like a waterfall. This fits the clue, suggesting a significant amount of something falling rapidly.

See 18-Across


When a crossword clue refers to another clue using "See [number]-Across," it means that the solution to the current clue is related to the answer to the clue numbered "Across." In this case, the answer to 18-Across is likely a type of tree associated with a state or states, hence "STATETREES" are trees associated with specific states.

Yucca cousin

Answer: ALOE

Yucca and aloe are both types of succulent plants, belonging to the family Asparagaceae. They share similar characteristics such as thick, fleshy leaves, making them botanical cousins.


Answer: POTUS

"CIC" stands for "Commander in Chief," which is a title used to refer to the President of the United States (POTUS), who serves as the top military commander of the country.

Regard rudely

Answer: OGLE

To "ogle" someone is to look at them with obvious and usually excessive admiration, desire, or interest, often in a way that can be considered rude or inappropriate

Name associated with cold porridge

Answer: MAMA

This clue plays on the stereotype of mothers being associated with cooking, particularly comforting dishes like porridge. "Mama" is a common term used to refer to mothers, and in this context, it's associated with serving or making cold porridge.

Didn’t lose any

Answer: SWEPT

The clue implies that no losses occurred. In the context of a competition or series of events, if someone "didn't lose any," it suggests they won all of them. "SWEPT" fits this description, as it means to win or clear all of something without any losses.


Answer: BOLD

To be audacious is to be bold or daring, showing a willingness to take risks or challenge conventions. "BOLD" is a synonym for audacious, as both words describe someone or something displaying confidence and fearlessness.

German/Polish border river

Answer: ODER

The Oder River forms part of the border between Germany and Poland. It flows through both countries, serving as a natural boundary between them.

Historic Colombian city


Cartagena is a historic city in Colombia, known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, historic fortifications, and vibrant culture. It played a significant role in Spanish colonial history and was a major port for trade between Spain and its overseas territories.

Paid down gradually


Amortized" refers to the gradual repayment of a debt or loan over time, typically through a series of fixed payments. This process involves paying off both the principal amount borrowed and the accrued interest, with each payment contributing to reducing the overall debt.

Elvis’ kid


Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of the legendary musician Elvis Presley. Thus, "LISAMARIE" refers to Elvis' child.

What a sari hasn’t

Answer: SEAM

A sari is a traditional garment worn by women in many South Asian countries. Unlike many other garments, a sari typically doesn't have a seam, as it's often made from a single piece of fabric that is draped and wrapped around the body.

Rural pastors

Answer: VICARS

In certain Christian denominations, particularly in Anglicanism, a vicar is a clergyperson who serves a rural parish or church community. Therefore, "VICARS" refers to rural pastors.

Soup, say


In a formal multi-course meal, soup often precedes the main course as the starter or appetizer. Therefore, "STARTER" refers to soup, as it's an example of what could be served at the beginning of a meal.

Slick stuff

Answer: OIL

"Slick" is a term often associated with oil due to its slippery and smooth texture. Therefore, "OIL" fits as the answer for "slick stuff."

Frat letter

Answer: PSI

Psi is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. In the context of fraternities, Greek letters are commonly used as symbols for fraternity names. Therefore, "PSI" is a frat letter.

Clog, for instance

Answer: SHOE

"Clog" can be a type of shoe, typically a type of footwear with a thick, heavy sole, often made of wood. So, "SHOE" fits the description of something a clog could be.

18-Across’ motto

Answer: EUREKA

When a crossword clue refers to another clue using "18-Across," it means that the solution to the current clue is related to the answer to the clue numbered "Across." In this case, "EUREKA" is a motto often associated with the state of California, and "18-Across" likely refers to California itself.

Buffalo Bill’s sharpshooter

Answer: ANNIE

Buffalo Bill Cody was a famous American scout, bison hunter, and showman. Annie Oakley, whose real name was Phoebe Ann Mosey, was a renowned sharpshooter and exhibition shooter who worked with Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Therefore, "ANNIE" is the sharpshooter associated with Buffalo Bill.

Not good for picnics

Answer: RAINY

Picnics are often outdoor activities enjoyed in pleasant weather. However, rainy weather can be disruptive to picnics, making them less enjoyable or even impractical due to the wet conditions. Therefore, "RAINY" fits as something that is not good for picnics.

Catches on something

Answer: SNAGS

When something catches on an obstacle or gets caught on something, it is said to "snag." For example, clothing might snag on a sharp object. Therefore, "SNAGS" fits as the action of catching on something.

Lens settings

Answer: FSTOPS

In photography, the f-stop (or f-number) is a measurement of the aperture setting on a camera lens, determining the size of the aperture opening and consequently affecting factors such as depth of field and exposure. Therefore, "FSTOPS" refers to lens settings, specifically the aperture settings.

Habitual birdwatcher

Answer: CAT

The clue plays on the idea of someone who watches birds habitually, suggesting an unexpected answer. In this case, "CAT" refers to a domestic cat, which is known for its tendency to watch birds, often from windows or when outdoors.

Mentality measures

Answer: IQS

IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a measure of a person's intelligence or mental ability. It's often used as a way to gauge cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. Therefore, "IQS" refers to mentality measures, specifically intelligence quotients.

Rugged wheels

Answer: SUV

Rugged wheels" suggests a type of vehicle with robust capabilities suitable for rough terrain. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, which is known for its off-road capabilities and ruggedness, making it a fitting answer.

Be a needler

Answer: NAG

To "needle" someone is to annoy or irritate them persistently, often by making repeated small criticisms or complaints. "NAG" is a synonym for needle, as it describes the action of persistently annoying someone.

Equi- cousin

Answer: ISO

"Equi-" is a prefix meaning "equal" or "equivalent." A cousin term in the context of this clue suggests a word with a similar prefix. "ISO" is a prefix used in various contexts to denote equality, conformity, or standardization, making it a fitting answer.

Tex-Mex serving


Tex-Mex cuisine combines elements of American and Mexican cuisine. A taco salad is a Tex-Mex dish consisting of a salad served in a fried tortilla shell, typically filled with ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, beans, and meat. Therefore, "TACOSALAD" is a serving of Tex-Mex cuisine.

Taj Mahal topper


The Taj Mahal, a famous mausoleum in India, features distinctive architectural elements including domes. An "onion dome" is a specific type of dome characterized by its bulbous shape resembling an onion. Therefore, "ONIONDOME" is the architectural feature that tops the Taj Mahal.

Where the body’s smallest bone is


The smallest bone in the human body, the stapes bone, is located in the middle ear. Therefore, "MIDDLEEAR" refers to the location where the body's smallest bone is found

Venerable video source

Answer: HBO

HBO, or Home Box Office, is a well-known and respected source of television and film content. It has a long history of producing high-quality programming, earning it the reputation of being a venerable video source.

Assign to, as a table

Answer: SEATAT

When you assign someone to a particular place at a table, such as at a dinner party or event, you are seating them at that table. Therefore, "SEATAT" is the action of assigning someone to a table.

Wizard of Oz sound effect

Answer: CAW

In "The Wizard of Oz," the Wicked Witch's flying monkeys make a sound that is often described as a "caw." This sound effect is commonly associated with the appearance of the monkeys in the film.

Fire sign

Answer: ASH

Ash" can refer to the residue left behind after something has been burned, such as wood or paper. Therefore, "ASH" fits as the sign or indication of fire, as it is what remains after something has been consumed by flames.

USPS designation

Answer: RTE

"USPS" stands for United States Postal Service. In postal terminology, "RTE" is an abbreviation for "Route," which is used to designate the specific path or course taken by postal carriers for mail delivery.

Battery buy


"Dry cell" refers to a type of battery that contains little or no free liquid electrolyte. These batteries are commonly used in devices like flashlights, toys, and remote controls. Therefore, "DRYCELL" fits as the type of battery that one might purchase.

Gab with

Answer: CHATUP

To "chat up" someone means to engage them in friendly conversation, often with the intent of making a connection or gaining their interest. Therefore, "CHATUP" fits as the action of having a conversation with someone.

Wiped off

Answer: ERASED

"Erased" means to remove something, typically by wiping it away or eliminating it completely. For example, you might erase pencil marks from paper by using an eraser. Therefore, "ERASED" fits as the action of wiping something off or removing it.

Corn Belt capital intro

Answer: DES

The "Corn Belt" refers to a region in the United States known for its extensive corn production. "Capital intro" suggests that the answer is the first part of the name of a capital city. "Des" is the beginning of Des Moines, which is the capital city of Iowa, a state located in the Corn Belt region.

Winged things that sting

Answer: WASPS

Wasps are insects with wings that are known for their ability to sting. Therefore, "WASPS" fits the description of winged creatures that sting.

Being hauled

Answer: INTOW

Being hauled" suggests something being pulled or towed along. "INTOW" could mean being in tow, indicating that something is being dragged or pulled behind another object

A way to roll along

Answer: SKATE

"Skate" refers to a type of footwear with wheels or blades attached to the bottom, allowing a person to glide or roll along a surface, such as ice or pavement. Therefore, "SKATE" fits as a way to roll along.

Close a case

Answer: REST

"Close a case" can mean to finish or conclude a matter. In this context, "REST" could suggest that once a case is closed, there is a sense of resolution or cessation of activity, akin to resting or being at rest.

Clothing for concealment

Answer: CAMO

"Camo" is short for camouflage, which refers to clothing or materials designed to conceal or blend into the surrounding environment, making the wearer or object difficult to see. Therefore, "CAMO" fits as clothing for concealment.


Answer: ROB

To "thieve" means to steal or take something unlawfully and dishonestly. "ROB" is a synonym for thieve, as it describes the action of taking something by force or through illegal means.

Personal identity

Answer: EGO

The "ego" is a psychological concept in Freudian theory that represents a person's sense of self, individuality, and identity. It is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious and is responsible for maintaining a person's self-esteem and self-worth. Therefore, "EGO" fits as a representation of personal identity.

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