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The Independent's Cryptic Crossword Latest Clues and Answers May 3, 2024

You can become a pro at puzzle solving but figuring out the answers to Independent's Cryptic Crossword, get the latest clues and answers here.

by J Divya

Updated May 03, 2024


The Independent's Cryptic Crossword Latest Clues and Answers May 3, 2024

If you like puzzles but find crossword puzzles difficult, you can check our guide for help. Crossword puzzles can be tough and they take time to figure out. You need to practice, manage your time well, and improve your skills to solve them. We will help you learn how to solve puzzles by giving you explanations for each answer.

Film company using isolated flicks


Isolated flicks suggests films made independently or in a distinctive style, and EALING STUDIOS fits perfectly as it's renowned for producing iconic and often quirky films.

Support for trees toppling over after I departed? That’s a setback; …


Support for trees toppling over alludes to falling or collapsing, and after I departed hints at removing the letter I. The resulting word, RELAPSE, aptly describes a setback or regression.

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… a lot of trees waste away, going to pot


Going to pot suggests deteriorating or declining, which leads to the answer PINETUM, a term for a collection of pine trees often found in botanical gardens.

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Fake warning about measure of gravitation

Answer: FORGE

Fake warning suggests something not genuine, and measure of gravitation hints at the word force. Putting them together, we get FORGE, which can mean to create something false or to produce a copy.

Computer program’s more competent, holding confusion back


Computer program’s more competent suggests a program that is proficient or skilled, and holding confusion back hints at reversing or reorganizing something. The answer, ASSEMBLER, refers to a programming tool that converts assembly language into machine code.

Resolved tidy case involving small strip-tease artist


Resolved tidy case implies solving a problem or reaching a conclusion, and involving small strip-tease artist suggests a dancer or performer known for removing clothing. The word ECDYSIAST fits perfectly as it means a professional striptease performer, aligning with the clues provided.

Martial art’s target encompassed by culmination of fight?

Answer: KENDO

In martial arts, the focus is on achieving the pinnacle of combat skill. Kendo embodies this pursuit through its emphasis on discipline, technique, and the spiritual aspects of swordsmanship.

Investigators seizing stimulant, source of major upheavals


Investigators are often grappling with the upheavals caused by stimulant seizures. The source of major disruptions can often be traced back to geological tectonics, which underlie earthquakes and other seismic events.

Ordinary dress awkward person trimmed before returning it

Answer: MUFTI

A regular outfit might seem odd on someone unaccustomed to wearing it. Before returning it, trimming the attire can make it more suitable for the individual, transforming them from an awkward person into someone more comfortable in their dress.

Satisfactory, apparently, to have one African animal

Answer: OKAPI

Satisfaction can be found in the discovery of unique and exotic creatures. The Okapi, native to Africa, exemplifies this with its distinctive appearance and elusive nature, making it a fascinating subject for exploration and study.

Apple cultivar a reason to put out flags?


The presence of a specific apple cultivar might signal a reason for celebration. Royal Gala apples, with their crisp texture and sweet flavor, could serve as the perfect occasion to display colorful flags, perhaps indicating the start of a festive gathering or event.

Unhandicapped player runs to intercept second dismissal


Unhandicapped player implies someone without any limitations, runs to intercept suggests movement on the field, and second dismissal hints at a specific event in cricket. The answer is likely SCRATCH, referring to the term used when a batsman is out on the second dismissal without scoring any runs.

I have to follow a police raid, nearly causing harm


Police raid suggests a risky event being followed, and nearly causing harm implies a negative consequence. The answer is ABUSIVE, which fits the context of closely following behind something harmful.

Need millions to engage in encouragement to repeat main Waugh novel


Millions suggests a large sum, encouragement hints at motivation, and main Waugh novel refers to a work by a specific author. The answer is BLACK MISCHIEF, which is a novel by Evelyn Waugh. The clue suggests a need for financial support to repeat or promote this specific novel.

Tempted you, ultimately, in monochromatic clothing?


Tempted you implies allure, ultimately suggests the final part of something, and monochromatic clothing hints at a specific type of attire. The answer is ALLURED, indicating being enticed or attracted, especially in the context of wearing monochromatic clothing.

Ironic pessimist sadly describing impact of things seen?


Ironic pessimist suggests a cynical viewpoint, sadly describing implies a negative tone, and impact of things seen hints at the consequences of observations. The answer is IMPRESSIONISTIC, indicating a style of art or description characterized by subjective impressions rather than objective reality.

Caribbean island’s reduction in pineapple area


Caribbean island that has experienced a decrease in its pineapple cultivation. The answer is GRENADA, a Caribbean nation known for its tropical agriculture, including pineapple cultivation.

High point’s end, not start

Answer: TOP

Top typically refers to the highest point of something, but in this context, we're looking for the end of the word, not its beginning, which is top.

I want something tragic? That’s ridiculous


This question plays on the idea that wanting something tragic is absurd, as tragedy is typically undesirable. The phrase Don't make me laugh expresses disbelief or dismissal, emphasizing the absurdity of the desire for tragedy.

English playwright touring US city gets avian delicacy


An Ortolan is a small bird considered a delicacy in French cuisine. The English playwright referred to is William Shakespeare (Will), and when touring the US city of Orlando, you get Ortolan.

Considerations from one judging votes seeing leader removed


The word Reflections can mean thoughtful considerations or contemplation. In this context, it refers to the introspective process of evaluating votes or decisions. Seeing leader removed hints at removing the first letter from elections, leaving reflections.

Newspaper that is absorbing another publication? It looks exactly the same


Newspaper that is absorbing another publication? It looks exactly the same suggests the answer MIRROR IMAGE. This implies a newspaper taking over another publication while maintaining its original appearance, like a reflection.

Weekend day is fairly empty in content


Weekend day is fairly empty in content hints at the answer SATISFY. This suggests that the weekend day referred to lacks substantial content or activities, but the solution, SATISFY, implies that even with minimal content, it still meets expectations or fulfills needs, albeit in a modest manner.

French director linking tea to British part, mostly


French director linking tea to British part, mostly points to the answer CHABROL. This refers to the French film director Claude Chabrol, known for his works that often explore the darker aspects of human nature.

One book elevated Arab - that chap’s a key Muslim figure


One book elevated Arab - that chap’s a key Muslim figure suggests the answer IBRAHIM. This clue seems to refer to the biblical figure Abraham, who is significant in both Arab and Muslim traditions.

Rather weak dossier about newspaper


Rather weak dossier about newspaper leads to the answer FRAGILE. It suggests a dossier or document regarding a newspaper's content or status, but described as weak. FRAGILE aptly fits, implying that the newspaper's situation or content is delicate or easily breakable, possibly hinting at its vulnerability or precarious state.

Foolish person unaltered? I will go

Answer: ASS

Foolish person unaltered? I will go hints at the answer ASS. This play on words suggests that the foolish person, often referred to as an ass, remains unchanged or unaltered.

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