Chhattisgarh Govt Jobs

Govt Jobs in Chhattisgarh 2022 with latest Chhattisgarh Govt Jobs notification, Interview details for both Freshers and Experienced Job seekers updated on January 23, 2022. Find all current vacancies and openings of Govt Jobs in Chhattisgarh 2022 based on your qualification and Apply online now. Check upcoming Govt Jobs in Chhattisgarh 2022 in various sectors including UPSC, Chhattisgarh PSC, Railways, Bank, SSC, etc.

Chhattisgarh Govt Jobs 2022

Hirelateral Provides the list of latest Chhattisgarh Govt Jobs and last apply online for all Central Government Jobs and State Govt Jobs.
Last Modified: Jan 22, 2022

Latest Govt Jobs in Chhattisgarh 2022 Vacancies Notification 23.01.2022

Company Name Job Title Vacancy Eligibility Last Date
IIT Bhilai Project Associate 1 Vacancy B.Sc, B.Tech/B.E, M.Sc, M.E/M.Tech 20-02-2022
UNDP Project Associate 1 Vacancy B.Tech/B.E 03-02-2022
Court Driver 2 Vacancies N/A 10-02-2022
Court Steno 1 Vacancy N/A 10-02-2022
Court Typist 3 Vacancies N/A 10-02-2022
Court Peon 2 Vacancies N/A 10-02-2022
Court Assistant Grade III 4 Vacancies Any Graduate 15-02-2022
Court Assistant Programmer 1 Vacancy B.Tech/B.E, M.Sc, MCA, PGDCA 15-02-2022
Court Stenographer 3 Vacancies Any Graduate 15-02-2022
Court System Assistant 1 Vacancy Diploma 15-02-2022
NIT Raipur Junior Research Fellow 1 Vacancy M.E/M.Tech 29-01-2022
UNDP State Project Manager 1 Vacancy M.A, M.E/M.Tech 01-02-2022
UNDP Project Associate 1 Vacancy B.Tech/B.E 01-02-2022
CGPSC Medical Officer 19 Vacancies BUMS 16-02-2022
CGPSC Scientific Officer 1 Vacancy M.Pharma, M.Sc 16-02-2022
CGPSC Assistant Director 10 Vacancies M.A, M.Com, M.Sc, M.E/M.Tech, MCA 26-02-2022
AIIMS Raipur Research Scientist 1 Vacancy DNB, M.Sc, M.Phil/Ph.D, MS/MD 25-01-2022
District Court Bilaspur Stenographer 13 Vacancies N/A 14-02-2022
District Court Bilaspur Assistant Grade III 18 Vacancies N/A 14-02-2022
Government of Chhattisgarh Field Officer 10 Vacancies Diploma 25-01-2022
South East Central Railway Visiting Specialist 4 Vacancies PG Diploma, MS/MD, M.Ch, DM 31-01-2022
SECL Assistant Foreman 77 Vacancies N/A 27-01-2022
IIT Bhilai Junior Research Fellow 1 Vacancy M.Sc 31-01-2022
IIT Bhilai Junior Research Fellow 1 Vacancy B.Tech/B.E, M.Sc, M.E/M.Tech, MCA, MS 26-01-2022
District Court Raipur Driver 6 Vacancies 8TH 31-01-2022
District Court Raipur Stenographer 5 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
District Court Raipur Assistant Grade III 10 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
District Court Raipur Staff 2 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
Court Peon 1 Vacancy 5th 25-01-2022
Court Stenographer 2 Vacancies Any Graduate 25-01-2022
Court Assistant Grade III 2 Vacancies Any Graduate 25-01-2022
Court System Officer 2 Vacancies BCA, B.Sc, B.Tech/B.E, Diploma, 10TH, Any Masters Degree, MCA 25-01-2022
IIT Bhilai Project Associate 1 Vacancy M.Sc 26-01-2022
CGPSC Principal 1 Vacancy B.Tech/B.E, Diploma 26-01-2022
CGPSC Placement Officer 48 Vacancies B.Tech/B.E, Diploma 26-01-2022
District Court Raipur Assistant Grade III 50 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
District Court Raipur Stenographer 12 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
District Court Raipur Peon 5 Vacancies 5th 31-01-2022
Government of Chhattisgarh Driver 1 Vacancy 8TH 31-01-2022
Government of Chhattisgarh Stenographer 5 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
Government of Chhattisgarh Assistant Grade III 12 Vacancies Any Graduate 31-01-2022
Government of Chhattisgarh Peon 2 Vacancies 5th 31-01-2022
CGPSC Law Officer 1 Vacancy LLB 23-01-2022
CGPSC Assistant Director 1 Vacancy M.Sc 23-01-2022
CGPSC Assistant Director 1 Vacancy M.A, M.Com, M.Sc 23-01-2022

Sector Wise Govt Jobs 2022-23

Govt Jobs Category Vacancies Apply Link
Army 8700 Vacancies Army Recruitment 2022
Aviation 7 Vacancies Aviation Recruitment 2022
Bank 435 Vacancies Bank Jobs 2022
Central Govt 6520 Vacancies Central Govt Recruitment 2022
Court 312 Vacancies Court Recruitment 2022
Defence 8773 Vacancies Defence Jobs 2022
Engineering 4673 Vacancies Engineering Government Jobs
Financial institution 188 Vacancies Financial institution Recruitment 2022
Forest Department 11 Vacancies Forest Department Recruitment 2022
Hospital 188 Vacancies Hospital Recruitment 2022
Insurance 1 Vacancy Insurance Recruitment 2022
Maharatna 1213 Vacancies Maharatna Recruitment 2022
Medical College 737 Vacancies Medical College Recruitment 2022
Miniratna 908 Vacancies Miniratna Recruitment 2022
Navratna 63 Vacancies Navratna Recruitment 2022
Navy 54 Vacancies Navy Recruitment 2022
Pharmaceutical 12 Vacancies Pharmaceutical Recruitment 2022
Police 2933 Vacancies Police Recruitment 2022
PSC 4601 Vacancies PSC Online
Railway 21 Vacancies Railway Recruitment 2022
Research Institutes 4 Vacancies Research Institutes Recruitment 2022
School 13467 Vacancies School Recruitment 2022
Top Companies 24165 Vacancies Top Companies Recruitment 2022
University 1114 Vacancies University Recruitment 2022
UPSC 512 Vacancies UPSC Recruitment 2022

Education Wise Govt Jobs 2022-23

Education Vacancies Apply Link
Any Graduate 6910 Vacancies Any Graduate Govt Jobs 2022
Any Bachelors Degree 2443 Vacancies Any Bachelors Degree Govt Jobs 2022
B.A 57278 Vacancies B.A Govt Jobs 2022
B.Arch 359 Vacancies B.Arch Govt Jobs 2022
BCA 9389 Vacancies BCA Govt Jobs 2022
B.B.A 39 Vacancies B.B.A Govt Jobs 2022
B.Com 12293 Vacancies B.Com Govt Jobs 2022
B.Ed 65999 Vacancies B.Ed Govt Jobs 2022
BDS 380 Vacancies BDS Govt Jobs 2022
B.Pharma 15 Vacancies B.Pharma Govt Jobs 2022
B.Sc 49658 Vacancies B.Sc Govt Jobs 2022
B.Tech/B.E 26265 Vacancies B.Tech/B.E Govt Jobs 2022
LLB 1344 Vacancies LLB Govt Jobs 2022
MBBS 1481 Vacancies MBBS Govt Jobs 2022
Diploma 8768 Vacancies Diploma Govt Jobs 2022
BVSC 53 Vacancies BVSC Govt Jobs 2022
ITI 11639 Vacancies ITI Govt Jobs 2022
DNB Pathology 33 Vacancies DNB Pathology Govt Jobs 2022
B.Lib 67 Vacancies B.Lib Govt Jobs 2022
BFSc 76 Vacancies BFSc Govt Jobs 2022
12TH 12564 Vacancies 12TH Pass Govt Jobs 2022
10TH 8544 Vacancies 10TH Pass Govt Jobs 2022
BPEd 24554 Vacancies BPEd Govt Jobs 2022
BSW 65 Vacancies BSW Govt Jobs 2022
BAMS 756 Vacancies BAMS Govt Jobs 2022
GNM 35 Vacancies GNM Govt Jobs 2022
DNB 553 Vacancies DNB Govt Jobs 2022
8TH 613 Vacancies 8TH Pass Govt Jobs 2022
BUMS 49 Vacancies BUMS Govt Jobs 2022
BPT 1 Vacancy BPT Govt Jobs 2022
BFA 380 Vacancies BFA Govt Jobs 2022
B.Des 2 Vacancies B.Des Govt Jobs 2022
BHMS 46 Vacancies BHMS Govt Jobs 2022
BHA 1 Vacancy BHA Govt Jobs 2022
Any Post Graduate 283 Vacancies Any Post Graduate Govt Jobs 2022
Any Masters Degree 981 Vacancies Any Masters Degree Govt Jobs 2022
CA 728 Vacancies CA Govt Jobs 2022
CS 173 Vacancies CS Govt Jobs 2022
ICWA 421 Vacancies ICWA Govt Jobs 2022
LLM 21 Vacancies LLM Govt Jobs 2022
M.A 13024 Vacancies M.A Govt Jobs 2022
M.Arch 141 Vacancies M.Arch Govt Jobs 2022
M.Com 2940 Vacancies M.Com Govt Jobs 2022
M.Ed 11492 Vacancies M.Ed Govt Jobs 2022
M.Pharma 14 Vacancies M.Pharma Govt Jobs 2022
M.Sc 13838 Vacancies M.Sc Govt Jobs 2022
M.E/M.Tech 1241 Vacancies M.E/M.Tech Govt Jobs 2022
MBA/PGDM 591 Vacancies MBA/PGDM Govt Jobs 2022
MCA 1012 Vacancies MCA Govt Jobs 2022
MS 19 Vacancies MS Govt Jobs 2022
PG Diploma 1382 Vacancies PG Diploma Govt Jobs 2022
MVSC 102 Vacancies MVSC Govt Jobs 2022
M.Phil/Ph.D 2279 Vacancies M.Phil/Ph.D Govt Jobs 2022
MD Pathology 33 Vacancies MD Pathology Govt Jobs 2022
Master of Dental Surgery 368 Vacancies Master of Dental Surgery Govt Jobs 2022
M.Lib 308 Vacancies M.Lib Govt Jobs 2022
MS/MD 2690 Vacancies MS/MD Govt Jobs 2022
MFSc 32 Vacancies MFSc Govt Jobs 2022
MSW 165 Vacancies MSW Govt Jobs 2022
M.P.Ed 20110 Vacancies M.P.Ed Govt Jobs 2022
PGDBM 34 Vacancies PGDBM Govt Jobs 2022
PGDBA 14 Vacancies PGDBA Govt Jobs 2022
MFA 51 Vacancies MFA Govt Jobs 2022
M.Des 4 Vacancies M.Des Govt Jobs 2022
MHA 6 Vacancies MHA Govt Jobs 2022
4th 94 Vacancies 4th Govt Jobs 2022
5th 16 Vacancies 5th Govt Jobs 2022
7th 131 Vacancies 7th Govt Jobs 2022
9th 94 Vacancies 9th Govt Jobs 2022
ANM 209 Vacancies ANM Govt Jobs 2022
D.Pharm 3 Vacancies D.Pharm Govt Jobs 2022
VHSE 130 Vacancies VHSE Govt Jobs 2022
BPO 1 Vacancy BPO Govt Jobs 2022
BS 2 Vacancies BS Govt Jobs 2022
DMLT 336 Vacancies DMLT Govt Jobs 2022
MPH 26 Vacancies MPH Govt Jobs 2022
M.Plan 2 Vacancies M.Plan Govt Jobs 2022
MHM 3 Vacancies MHM Govt Jobs 2022
PGDCA 29 Vacancies PGDCA Govt Jobs 2022
Member of ICAI 21 Vacancies Member of ICAI Govt Jobs 2022
MPT 20 Vacancies MPT Govt Jobs 2022
Professional Degree 3 Vacancies Professional Degree Govt Jobs 2022
MPA 17 Vacancies MPA Govt Jobs 2022
Retired Staff 35 Vacancies Retired Staff Govt Jobs 2022
D.P.Ed 4166 Vacancies D.P.Ed Govt Jobs 2022
ICSI 1 Vacancy ICSI Govt Jobs 2022
M.Ch 600 Vacancies M.Ch Govt Jobs 2022
BMLT 285 Vacancies BMLT Govt Jobs 2022
MLT 176 Vacancies MLT Govt Jobs 2022
B.El.Ed 499 Vacancies B.El.Ed Govt Jobs 2022
D.El.Ed 32319 Vacancies D.El.Ed Govt Jobs 2022
N/A 1409 Vacancies N/A Govt Jobs 2022
DM 750 Vacancies DM Govt Jobs 2022
MPO 1 Vacancy MPO Govt Jobs 2022
B.Voc 4 Vacancies B.Voc Govt Jobs 2022
BSMS 2 Vacancies BSMS Govt Jobs 2022

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Chhattisgarh Govt Jobs 2022

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  • Check the Chhattisgarh Govt Jobs notification issued by the Chhattisgarh Government.
  • Check whether you’re eligible to apply for Govt Jobs in Chhattisgarh.
  • Visit the appropriate official portal of the Chhattisgarh Job Vacancy.
  • Download the application form if the apply mode is offline. Fill in the required details include Name, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of birth, Educational qualification, and other details.
  • In case, if the apply mode is online, fill in all the details directly on the screen.
  • Upload photocopy of your documents, photograph, and signature if needed
  • Lastly, click the submit button if it's online or else send the application form to the mentioned address.

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Every year, Chhattisgarh Government recruits eligible aspirants for various departments such as Horticulture, Human resources development, Industries, Railway, Defense, Police, Agriculture, Banking,Teaching, Tourism, Social Welfare, Urban Development, Finance Sector, Rural development, and so on.

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