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Find The Independent's Concise Crossword Solution Here (May 3, 2024)

Check our guide for today’s Independent's Concise Crossword clues, answers and explanations.

by Sivasankari

Updated May 03, 2024


Find The Independent's Concise Crossword Solution Here (May 3, 2024)

The Independent's Concise Crossword Puzzle can be found here and if you are looking for answers and explanations, you can check here. This will help you figure out how to solve a crossword puzzle. Check our website for more crosswords and daily puzzles. Improve your vocabulary and new words.

Make free (of) (3)


Make free (of) prompts for a term synonymous with rid. This suggests the answer is a word meaning to be relieved or cleared of something. The term often implies liberation from a burden or responsibility. The answer here is RID.

Not at home (3)


Not at home suggests an absence or lack of presence in a particular location. It signifies someone's unavailability or their physical absence from a place. The term typically refers to being away or elsewhere, which can be succinctly expressed as OUT.

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Flowering plant (7)


Flowering plant directs attention to a type of vegetation that produces blossoms or blooms. It typically pertains to a botanical organism that bears colorful and fragrant flowers. In this context, the answer is LANTANA, a specific type of flowering plant.

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Thick (5)


Thick implies a dense or substantial quality, often describing an atmosphere or substance. It suggests reduced visibility due to condensation or particulate matter in the air. The term can be succinctly represented as FOGGY.

Nosegay (4)


Nosegay refers to a small bouquet of flowers, usually carried or worn for decorative or aromatic purposes. It's typically comprised of a selection of blooms arranged in an ornamental manner. This term can be succinctly represented as POSY.

Patella (7)


Patella refers to a bone in the human body commonly known as the kneecap. It plays a crucial role in the functioning of the knee joint, facilitating movement and providing protection to underlying structures. The term can be succinctly represented as KNEEPAN.

Untimely (11)


When something happens at the wrong moment, causing inconvenience or difficulty, it's considered untimely. It's a term often used to describe situations that disrupt plans or expectations.

Food provider (7)


A food provider is someone or a company that supplies meals, often for events or gatherings. They specialize in preparing and serving food in various settings, from weddings to corporate meetings.

Ballpoint pen (4)


The ballpoint pen, known as a biro in many parts of the world, is a common writing instrument with a small rotating ball at its tip that dispenses ink as it moves across paper. It's named after its inventor, László Bíró.

Shoes without heels (5)


Shoes without heels, or simply flats, are footwear characterized by their flat sole, offering comfort and practicality. They are favored for everyday wear and are often chosen for their versatility and ease of movement.

English county (7)


Rutland is the smallest historic county in England, known for its picturesque countryside and quaint villages. Despite its size, it boasts rich cultural heritage and is a popular destination for tourists seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

Nought (3)


Nought, often represented as nil, refers to the numerical value of zero. It signifies the absence of quantity or the absence of a score in various contexts, such as sports or games.

Be in session (3)


In a typical crossword puzzle session, you might find yourself pondering clues such as SIT, which succinctly hints at a common action of settling down or taking a load off. The answer is simple yet essential to daily life.

Widespread (4)


Moving on to the next clue, LONG suggests something widespread or stretching over a significant period. It encapsulates the essence of duration or extension, offering a fitting solution.

Abate (3,4)


DIE AWAY comprises two words hinting at a process of diminishing or decreasing in intensity. This phrase elegantly captures the idea of a gradual decline or cessation, often observed in natural phenomena or human activities.

Leftover piece (7)


Transitioning to the next challenge, ODDMENT evokes the concept of a leftover piece or remnant, often found after completing a task or activity. This term encapsulates the notion of something remaining singular or unmatched within a larger context.

Soldier's jacket (5)


Continuing the crossword journey, TUNIC conjures the image of a soldier's jacket, typically worn as part of a uniform. Its concise description resonates with military attire, representing discipline and duty.

Catch sight of (4)


Moving forward, PEEK hints at the action of catching sight of something briefly or sneakily. It suggests a quick glance or furtive observation, capturing the essence of curiosity or stealth.

The wrong way round (4,2,5)


BACK TO FRONT playfully suggests a reversal or inversion, implying something positioned in the opposite way to its usual orientation. This phrase encapsulates the idea of a deliberate or accidental flip, offering a whimsical twist in its solution.

Seaweed (4)


In the depths of the ocean, this four-letter word refers to various types of algae that flourish underwater. FUCI represents an essential part of marine ecosystems, providing habitat and food for various aquatic creatures.

Sunshade (7)


When the sun beats down relentlessly, a PARASOL becomes a welcome refuge, providing shade and protection from its scorching rays. This seven-letter word encompasses the elegance of an accessory often associated with leisurely days at the beach or in gardens.

Apprehensive (7)


Though AWESOME typically evokes feelings of admiration or wonder, in the context of apprehension, it denotes a sense of overwhelming uncertainty or anxiety. The seven letters encapsulate the complexity of emotions tied to feeling uneasy or hesitant about what lies ahead.

Sleeve end (4)


At the termination of a sleeve, the CUFF serves both a functional and stylistic purpose, providing a neat finish while also allowing for adjustments in fit. This four-letter word represents a small yet significant detail in the design of garments.

Coach (5)


A coach's primary objective is to prepare and guide individuals or teams towards achieving their goals, making them READY to face challenges head-on. In five letters, READY embodies the state of being fully prepared and equipped for whatever lies ahead.

Farm building (4)


Amidst the rustic landscape of a farm, a BYRE stands as a modest yet indispensable structure, providing shelter for livestock such as cows or sheep. This four-letter word encapsulates the essence of traditional agricultural life.

Satirical sketch (4)


Within the realm of comedy, a SKIT serves as a brief, humorous performance often aimed at mocking societal norms or individuals through satire. In just four letters, SKIT captures the essence of lighthearted ridicule and parody.

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