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Solve Today’s NYT Crossword Clue Answer for May 09, 2024

Need help with today's New York Times crossword clue for May 09, 2024? Visit our page if you are having trouble finding the answer.

by Dheshni

Updated May 09, 2024


Solve Today’s NYT Crossword Clue Answer for May 09, 2024

NYT Crossword

NYT Crosswords are puzzles that make your brain active. You can try solving such puzzles in your free time. Some crossword clues will take time to get solved, but don't get stressed; have patience in solving them. If you are still finding it difficult to solve, take a small break and then get back. For those who are curious to know the answers, check out the answers that we have given on our page. Enjoy the challenge!

Like a mouse

Answer: TIMID

Mice are often associated with being timid or shy creatures, known for their cautious behavior. Therefore, "TIMID" fits as an adjective describing something characterized by shyness or lack of confidence, similar to a mouse.

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Fire on all cylinders

Answer: HUM

When an engine is running smoothly and efficiently, it is said to be firing on all cylinders. In this context, "HUM" describes the sound or vibration produced by an engine operating smoothly and at full capacity.

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Body part where a sock might go?

Answer: CHIN

This clue plays on the ambiguity of the question mark. While socks typically go on feet, the question mark suggests a different interpretation. A "chin" is a body part where a person might wear a type of "sock" known as a chinstrap, especially in the context of certain sports or medical devices.



"On in years" is a colloquial phrase used to describe someone who is elderly or advanced in age. Therefore, "ONINYEARS" fits as a description of someone who is old or elderly.


Answer: CRUDE

Crude" means in a natural or raw state, lacking refinement or sophistication. It can also refer to something being rudimentary or unprocessed. Therefore, "CRUDE" fits as an adjective describing something unrefined or in its raw form.

Used extreme caution, in old Rome?


This clue is a play on words. "Used extreme caution" suggests walking very carefully. "In old Rome" is a hint to combine the words "walked" and "eggshells" to form "WALKEDIGGSHELLS," which describes the action of walking carefully, as if trying not to break fragile eggshells. It's a humorous and creative way to convey the idea of extreme caution.


Answer: ENDS

Ends" can refer to the leftover or remaining parts of something. It often implies the conclusion or final part of something. Therefore, "ENDS" fits as a term for remnants.

Cross state

Answer: IRE

Cross" can mean to anger or provoke. When combined with "state," it forms the word "IRE," which means anger or wrath. Therefore, "IRE" fits as the result of being crossed or angered.

Lines (up)

Answer: QUEUES

"Lines" can refer to queues or lines of people waiting for something. "Up" suggests arranging or organizing. Therefore, "QUEUES" fits as a term for lines of people, especially when lined up in an orderly fashion.

___ point

Answer: DEW

Dew" is a type of moisture that forms overnight on surfaces, especially plants, due to condensation. In this clue, the blank indicates that "dew" is the missing word. Therefore, "DEW" fits as the completion for the term referring to moisture formed overnight.

V.A. concern, for short

Answer: PTSD

"V.A." stands for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides healthcare services to military veterans. "PTSD" is an acronym for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental health condition that can develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Therefore, "PTSD" fits as a concern related to veterans' healthcare, particularly for those who may have experienced trauma during their service.

First thing typed in a new tab, perhaps

Answer: URL

When opening a new tab in a web browser, the first thing often typed is a URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is the address used to locate a specific webpage or resource on the internet, making it the initial input when starting a new browsing session.

Comments section disclaimer

Answer: IMHO

IMHO" is an abbreviation for "In My Humble Opinion." It's commonly used in online forums, social media, and comments sections to preface a personal opinion, often as a disclaimer acknowledging that the statement reflects the speaker's subjective viewpoint rather than an objective fact.

Where F comes before E?

Answer: CAR

In the alphabet, the letter "F" comes before "E." However, in the word "CAR," the letter "F" comes before "E" alphabetically, as "F" is the third letter in "CAR," while "E" is the fourth. Therefore, "CAR" fits as an example where "F" comes before "E."

Product identifier similar to a U.P.C.

Answer: SKU

SKU" stands for Stock Keeping Unit, which is a unique code or number assigned to a specific product to identify it within a retailer's inventory. While similar to a U.P.C. (Universal Product Code) in function, a SKU is typically used internally by the retailer for inventory management and tracking purposes.

“Everything will be fine,” in old Rome?


Everything will be fine" is a common phrase used to reassure someone. "In old Rome" suggests using Latin or a Latin-sounding phrase. So, "DONIIRRYABOUTIT" is a playful approximation of how the phrase might sound if translated into a Latin-like language. It's a creative and humorous way to convey the idea of reassurance.

Common ingredient in cereal bars

Answer: OATS

Oats are a common ingredient in cereal bars due to their nutritional value and ability to hold ingredients together when compressed. They provide fiber, protein, and other nutrients, making them a popular choice for adding texture and flavor to cereal bars.

Scottish form of John

Answer: IAN

"Ian" is a common Scottish form of the name "John." It's a variant commonly used in Scotland and other English-speaking countries, similar to how "John" is used in other English-speaking regions.

Stage often filled with bugs

Answer: BETA

"Beta" is a term used in software development to refer to a stage of testing where a product is made available to a limited audience to identify and fix bugs or issues before its full release. Therefore, "BETA" refers to a stage of development often filled with bugs, both literal and figurative, as developers work to refine the product before its final release.

What we might escape by, in old Rome?


Similar to the previous example, this clue is a humorous play on words. "What we might escape by" suggests using a phrase or concept related to escape. "In old Rome" again implies using Latin or a Latin-like phrase. "THESKINOIVTEETH" is a playful and creative way to approximate how the concept of "escaping by the skin of one's teeth" might sound if translated into a Latin-like language

Big ___

Answer: SUR

In this clue, the word "Big" is followed by a blank space. "SUR" is the completion of the phrase, forming "Big Sur," which is a region on the coast of California known for its dramatic cliffs, rugged coastline, and stunning natural beauty

What a piece of work!

Answer: ERG

"Erg" is an interjection used to express exasperation or frustration, similar to saying "ugh" or "bleh." It's often used to convey dissatisfaction or annoyance with something. Therefore, "ERG" fits as a response to encountering something challenging or frustrating.

Surname in the 1946 western “My Darling Clementine”

Answer: EARP

"Earp" refers to the surname of the historical figure Wyatt Earp, who was a lawman and gambler known for his role in the shootout at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. In the 1946 western film "My Darling Clementine," Wyatt Earp is portrayed as the main character. Therefore, "EARP" fits as the surname featured in the film.

Result of failed field sobriety test, for short

Answer: DWI

"DWI" is an acronym for Driving While Intoxicated, which is a charge commonly given to individuals who fail field sobriety tests or are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Therefore, "DWI" fits as the result of a failed field sobriety test.

Nashville landmark, familiarly

Answer: OPRY

"OPRY" is a familiar abbreviation for the Grand Ole Opry, which is a renowned country music stage and radio show in Nashville, Tennessee. The abbreviation "OPRY" is commonly used to refer to this iconic landmark and cultural institution.

Minor prevarication

Answer: FIB

A "fib" is a small or minor lie or untruth. It's often used to describe a harmless or inconsequential falsehood. Therefore, "FIB" fits as a term for a minor prevarication.

Features of overalls

Answer: STRAPS

Overalls are a type of garment worn over other clothing, typically consisting of trousers with a front flap or bib and shoulder straps that cross over the back and attach to the front. Therefore, "STRAPS" fit as the features of overalls that go over the shoulders.

Dunking obstacle

Answer: RIM

In the context of basketball, the "rim" refers to the metal hoop that the ball must pass through to score points. When dunking, the player must jump high enough to reach and clear the rim with the ball. Therefore, the rim serves as an obstacle to overcome when dunking.

Poison ivy, e.g.

Answer: VINE

Poison ivy is a plant known for causing skin irritation and allergic reactions upon contact. It often grows as a climbing or trailing vine along the ground or on trees and other surfaces. Therefore, "VINE" fits as a type of plant that poison ivy belongs to, as it is characterized by its vining growth habit.

Do a judge’s job, in old Rome?


Similar to previous examples, this clue is a humorous play on words. "Do a judge's job" suggests performing duties related to judging or legal proceedings. "In old Rome" implies using a phrase or concept related to ancient Rome. "WVIIIHEEVIDENCE" is a playful and creative way to approximate how the phrase "weighing the evidence" might sound if translated into a Latin-like language. It's a clever and witty way to convey the idea of evaluating evidence in a legal context

Luigi’s love

Answer: AMORE

"Amore" is an Italian word meaning "love." Luigi is a common Italian name. Therefore, "AMORE" fits as Luigi's love, using the Italian word for love.

Rack up win after win


Go on a tear" is an idiomatic expression meaning to achieve a rapid succession of victories or successes. Therefore, "GOONATEAR" fits as a phrase describing the act of consistently winning or achieving success one after another.

“American Idol” judge alongside Luke and Lionel

Answer: KATY

In the television show "American Idol," Katy Perry is one of the judges, appearing alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Therefore, "KATY" fits as the name of the "American Idol" judge.

German direction

Answer: OST

Ost" is the German word for "east," which is a direction indicating the location of the rising sun. Therefore, "OST" fits as the German direction for east.

Always ready to order?

Answer: BOSSY

The term "bossy" typically describes someone who is domineering or inclined to give orders. In this context, "always ready to order" suggests someone who is consistently or constantly in a position of giving commands, hence being "bossy."

Removed from the road

Answer: TOWED

When a vehicle is "towed," it is removed from the road by being pulled or hauled away, typically by another vehicle such as a tow truck. Therefore, "TOWED" fits as the action of removing a vehicle from the road.


Answer: INANE

"Inane" means lacking sense or significance, often used to describe something that is silly, pointless, or absurd. Therefore, "INANE" fits as a synonym for dumb in the sense of being foolish or nonsensical.

Bad news for a ski resort


A "mild winter" is characterized by above-average temperatures and less-than-normal snowfall, which can be detrimental to ski resorts that rely on cold temperatures and ample snowfall for their operations. Therefore, "MILDWINTER" fits as bad news for a ski resort, as it suggests unfavorable weather conditions for skiing and snow-related activities.


Answer: INKS

"Signs" can refer to marks or symbols made with ink, such as letters, symbols, or drawings. Therefore, "INKS" fits as a verb meaning to create signs by applying ink onto a surface.

Bloodroot produces an orange one

Answer: DYE

Bloodroot is a plant known for producing a red-orange sap that can be used as a dye. Therefore, "DYE" fits as the product produced by bloodroot, which is an orange-colored dye

Splitting ___

Answer: HAIRS

The phrase "splitting hairs" is an idiom that means making overly fine or trivial distinctions. It suggests a focus on minute or insignificant details. Therefore, "HAIRS" fits as the completion of the phrase, referring to the small and fine distinctions being made.

Pressed hard

Answer: URGED

"Urged" means to strongly encourage or press someone to do something, often with persistence or insistence. It implies applying pressure or force to compel action. Therefore, "URGED" fits as the action of pressing hard or exerting pressure to persuade or motivate.

N.Y. Rangers’ home

Answer: MSG

"MSG" stands for Madison Square Garden, which is the home arena of the New York Rangers, a professional ice hockey team based in New York City. Therefore, "MSG" fits as the abbreviation for the N.Y. Rangers' home arena.

Fishing basket

Answer: CREEL

A "creel" is a basket used for holding fish that have been caught while fishing. Anglers typically use creels to keep their catch fresh while they continue fishing. Therefore, "CREEL" fits as a term for a fishing basket.

Netflix competitor

Answer: HULU

"Hulu" is a streaming service that competes with Netflix in providing a wide range of movies, television shows, and original content for subscribers to stream online. Therefore, "HULU" fits as a competitor to Netflix in the streaming service market.

Do squat

Answer: IDLE

Do squat" is an idiomatic expression meaning to do nothing or to be inactive. "Idle" means not active or engaged in activity, often suggesting a lack of purpose or productivity. Therefore, "IDLE" fits as a term meaning to do squat or nothing.

Mitchell & ___ (sports apparel company)

Answer: NESS

Mitchell & Ness" is a sports apparel company known for its vintage-style jerseys and clothing. Therefore, "NESS" is the completion of the company's name, fitting as the missing part of the phrase.

One who might bear the burden of proof?

Answer: EDITOR

In journalism, an "editor" is responsible for reviewing and verifying the accuracy of information before it is published. They often bear the burden of ensuring that the content meets journalistic standards and is supported by evidence or sources. Therefore, "EDITOR" fits as someone who might bear the burden of proof in a journalistic context.

Fried, sugar-covered pastry

Answer: CHURRO

A "churro" is a fried dough pastry that is commonly coated in sugar or cinnamon sugar. It is often served as a sweet snack or dessert, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries and regions with Spanish influence.

Pigeon dish

Answer: SQUAB

Squab" refers to young pigeons that are raised for meat. The term can also refer to the meat of young pigeons when used as a culinary dish. Therefore, "SQUAB" fits as a pigeon dish or a type of meat derived from pigeons.

Apt Greek letter for a University of Pennsylvania fraternity

Answer: PHI

"Phi" is a Greek letter commonly associated with fraternities and sororities, often used as part of their Greek-letter names. The University of Pennsylvania is known for its Greek life culture, and "Phi" is a common Greek letter used in the names of many fraternities at the university.

Fail to notice

Answer: MISS

To "miss" something means to fail to notice or perceive it. Therefore, "MISS" fits as a term meaning to fail to notice or observe something.

“Please, Dad, please?”

Answer: CANI

Please, Dad, please?" is a pleading or begging request, often made by a child to their father. The phrase "Can I?" or "CANI" is a common way for children to ask permission or make requests. In this context, "CANI" is a shortened form of the phrase, fitting as the answer to the plea for permission.

Higher-than-usual penalties


"Steep fines" refers to penalties or fees that are higher in amount than usual or expected. The term "steep" suggests a sharp incline, indicating that the fines are significantly higher than average.

Singer Eartha

Answer: KITT

Eartha Kitt was an American singer, actress, and dancer known for her distinctive voice and sultry performances. "KITT" is a shortened form of her surname, fitting as the answer to the clue

Where the U.S.’s first transcontinental railroad was completed (1869)

Answer: UTAH

In 1869, the United States' first transcontinental railroad was completed at Promontory Summit in the territory of Utah. This historic event marked the joining of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, connecting the eastern and western parts of the country by rail. Therefore, "UTAH" fits as the location where the completion of the first transcontinental railroad occurred.

Pointillism marks

Answer: DOTS

In pointillism, a painting technique developed in the 19th century, artists create images using small, distinct dots of color that are applied in patterns to form shapes and lines. These individual dots are known as "DOTS." Therefore, "DOTS" fits as the term for the marks used in pointillism.

Home of the first Dole plantation

Answer: OAHU

Oahu is one of the Hawaiian Islands and the location of the first Dole plantation, which was established by James Dole in 1901. The plantation played a significant role in the development of Hawaii's pineapple industry. Therefore, "OAHU" fits as the island where the first Dole plantation was located.


Answer: RING

A "cabal" refers to a small group of people who are involved in a secret plot or conspiracy. Similarly, a "ring" can also refer to a small group of people involved in clandestine activities or schemes. Therefore, "RING" fits as a synonym for cabal.

N.B.A. All-Star Ming

Answer: YAO

Yao Ming is a former professional basketball player from China who played for the Houston Rockets in the NBA. He was known for his exceptional height and skill as a center, earning numerous All-Star selections during his career. Therefore, "YAO" fits as the surname of the NBA All-Star Ming.

___ Eats

Answer: UBER

"Uber Eats" is a food delivery service operated by the transportation network company Uber. It allows users to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to their location. Therefore, "UBER" fits as the missing part of the phrase, completing the name of the food delivery service.

Collectible doll

Answer: KEWPIE

A "Kewpie" is a type of collectible doll characterized by its cherubic face and whimsical appearance. Kewpie dolls originated as comic strip characters created by cartoonist Rose O'Neill in the early 20th century. They have since become popular as collectible items and are often associated with vintage charm.

Word before coffee or Catholic

Answer: IRISH

"Irish" is the word that precedes both "coffee" and "Catholic" in common phrases. For example, "Irish coffee" is a beverage made with coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with cream, while "Irish Catholic" refers to a person of Irish descent who practices the Catholic faith

Lice and the like

Answer: VERMIN

"Vermin" is a term used to describe small animals, such as lice, rats, or insects, that are considered pests or nuisances. These creatures are often associated with filth or disease and are typically unwanted in human environments.

Scotland’s Firth of ___

Answer: TAY

The "Firth of Tay" is a body of water located on the eastern coast of Scotland, where the River Tay flows into the North Sea. It is the largest firth in Scotland by volume and is known for its scenic beauty and important role in the region's maritime history.

No-no in a vegan diet

Answer: DAIRY

Dairy" refers to products derived from milk, such as cheese, yogurt, and butter, which are not consumed in a vegan diet. Veganism is a dietary lifestyle that excludes all animal products, including dairy, as it is obtained from animals. Therefore, "DAIRY" fits as something that is avoided in a vegan diet.

Dunkable treats

Answer: OREOS

Oreos" are a popular brand of sandwich cookies made up of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between. They are commonly enjoyed by dunking them into milk or coffee. Due to their structure and texture, Oreos are considered "dunkable treats."

Not answer a question directly, as a politician might

Answer: PIVOT

"Pivot" is a term used to describe the act of shifting focus or direction, especially in response to a question or topic. Politicians often employ this tactic to avoid answering a question directly by redirecting the conversation to a different aspect or topic related to their agenda

South American pioneers of terrace farming

Answer: INCAS

The Incas were an indigenous civilization in South America, particularly in the Andean region of present-day Peru, who were known for their advanced agricultural techniques, including terrace farming. Terrace farming involved constructing stepped agricultural platforms on hillsides to maximize arable land for cultivation. The Incas were pioneers of this farming method, which allowed them to grow crops at various altitudes and in diverse climates.

Like the smell of a pub

Answer: BEERY

The term "beery" describes a scent or atmosphere reminiscent of a pub, which is often associated with the smell of beer and other alcoholic beverages. It implies a characteristic aroma of fermented grains and hops, along with the ambiance of a social gathering place.

Love note acronym

Answer: SWAK

"SWAK" is an acronym that stands for "Sealed With A Kiss." It is commonly used to indicate affection or romantic sentiment, especially in handwritten letters or notes where the writer would apply an actual kiss mark on the paper before sealing the envelope. Therefore, "SWAK" is a love note acronym.

Rating for “Robot Chicken” and “Archer”

Answer: TVMA

"TVMA" is a content rating used by television networks to indicate programming intended for mature audiences only. It stands for "TV Mature Audience," suggesting that the content may contain strong language, violence, sexual content, or other material that may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17

Hoot and a half

Answer: RIOT

"Riot" is a term used to describe a situation characterized by wild or chaotic behavior, often involving laughter, excitement, or exuberance. When something is described as a "hoot and a half," it means it is extremely entertaining, amusing, or enjoyable, often to the point of causing uproarious laughter or excitement.

Nixon nix?

Answer: VETO

Nixon nix" is a playful alliteration that refers to the act of vetoing something. Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States and was known for his frequent use of the presidential veto power during his time in office. Therefore, "VETO" fits as the term for a presidential rejection or refusal to approve legislation.

Lead-in to mania

Answer: EGO

"Ego" is a term used in psychology to refer to the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and self-preservation. It is also commonly used colloquially to refer to a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. "Mania" is a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, often accompanied by grandiosity and impulsivity

Artist’s touch-up

Answer: DAB

When an artist needs to make a small adjustment or touch-up to their work, they often use a technique known as "dabbing." This involves lightly applying a small amount of paint or pigment to the surface using quick, gentle strokes. The term "DAB" refers to this action of lightly touching the surface with a small amount of paint or pigment, typically using a brush or similar tool.

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