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How to Get an Animal Familiar in Hades 2? Simple Guide

Discover how to acquire Animal Familiars in Hades 2 by exploring the Crossroads, interacting with them, and offering them treats like Witch’s Delight to unlock their abilities, enhancing your adventures in the Underworld. rn

by Vignesh

Updated May 08, 2024


How to Get an Animal Familiar in Hades 2? Simple Guide

How to Get an Animal Familiar in Hades 2?

Getting yourself a pet in Hades 2 might take longer than you thought. I stumbled upon the option during a surprise run, but you can get one by visiting a special spot in Erebus and spending some time with a cat named Toula. First, you'll probably need to meet one of the two possible pets: Toula the cat in Erebus or Frinos the Frog in the Crossroads. To unlock Erebus's hidden glade where Toula resides, you need the Woodsy Lifespring Incantation, which costs one Moly and three Silver. Once you have it, go through Erebus until you find Toula.

You can only interact with Toula at first. But after a few runs of spending time with them, Hecate mentioned animal familiars during a boss fight in Erebus. After defeating her, she granted me the Faith of Familiar Spirits Incantation, which costs one Lotus and two Nectar. With it, you can turn trusted animals into companions using Witch’s Delight. You can give Witch’s Delight to either Frinos or Toula to have them join you.

Frinos is easy to find at the start of the Crossroads, but Toula is in a new spot called the Rift of Thessaly. To reach this area, you need the Shadow Extraction Incantation. You'll find Toula sitting on a dock after fighting the Guardian of the Rift of Thessaly. After feeding them Witch’s Delight, you'll see them again in the Crossroads near your gear.

What is the Best Animal Familiar in Hades 2?

In Hades 2, you've got these cool Animal Familiars that aren’t just there to look nice. They actually help you out a lot during your adventures in the Underworld. There are two main ones:

First up is Frinos:

  • Frinos can suck up those pesky enemy shots that come flying at you.
  • It also gives you a little boost, making your Max Life go up by 10.
  • And it's buddies with the Tablet of Peace, which is handy.

Then there’s Toula:

  • Toula doesn’t just sit there; she jumps into action, smacking nearby enemies for 99 damage when you sprint past her.
  • She’s also got your back with a bonus called Death Defiance. If you get knocked out, it brings you back with 10 health.
  • Plus, she’s all about fishing with the Rod of Fishing.

Now, which one’s the best? Well, Frinos takes the crown. Why? Because when you’re facing tons of enemies shooting at you, Frinos is like your shield, soaking up all those shots. Plus, the extra Max Life is super helpful for staying alive longer. Toula’s not as great because you can get that Death Defiance thing from other stuff you find along the way, and her damage isn’t all that impressive when you’re in the tougher parts of the game. So yeah, Frinos is the way to go.

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How Do You Level Up Your Animal Familiars in Hades 2?

To boost your Animal Familiars' usefulness in Hades 2, feed them more Witch’s Delight. This special treat can upgrade their abilities over time. For example, let's talk about Toula. Find her in the Crossroads and select the ‘Treat’ option to give her some Witch’s Delight.

This action unlocks the ‘Familiar Bonds’ menu. In this menu, you can enhance one of Toula's three abilities. If you upgrade Toula’s ‘Claw Bond’, she'll attack a target one more time. Later on, you'll come across a new incantation named ‘Attending a Faithful Beast’.

This incantation levels up the familiar’s harvest ability, giving you a +2 bonus to Tool uses. To complete ‘Attending a Faithful Beast’, you'll need 1 Tears, 1 Wool, and 4 Wheat. Since Hades 2 is still in Early Access, there might be more Animal Familiars added to the game before it's finished.

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