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How to get Power Cells in Abiotic Factor?

Discover the strategies and methods for acquiring Power Cells in Abiotic Factor. Navigate through difficult objectives, discover hidden regions, and create necessary gadgets to gain these valuable materials for survival in the paranormal-infested underground bunker.

by Th Liidunai

Updated May 10, 2024


How to get Power Cells in Abiotic Factor?

Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor is a survival crafting game for 1-6 players. It takes place underground in a scientific facility. Here, the greatest minds must endure massive threats such as paranormal containment failure, a military campaign, and chaos from several dimensions.

The game is centered on overcoming obstacles and creating tools to survive. Players confront dangerous scenarios and must utilize their talents to overcome them. It's a story-driven experience that keeps players involved as they explore the facilities and face numerous challenges.

How to get Power Cells in Abiotic Factor?

In Abiotic Factor, collecting Power Cells is a multi-step procedure that is linked to the game's story and exploration mechanics. Initially, players follow a linear quest progression that serves as a tutorial, encouraging them to obtain the necessary components for hacking into Silo 3. This includes obtaining an LCD Screen, Controller, and Infrared Emitter, which are required for accessing the facility's deeper levels, where Power Cells can be located. These early tasks provide an introduction to the game's mechanics and resource-gathering dynamics, laying the groundwork for more complicated challenges to come.

After successfully getting entry to Silo 3, players uncover a doorway that leads to the hazy world of Flathill. This unusual region contains three readily available Power Cells, significantly increasing their inventory.

Flathill is particularly noteworthy since it has a temporal abnormality that periodically resets the entire portal universe, including the Power Cells. This temporal replenishment system provides a consistent and reliable source of Power Cells for players who return to the location after each reset, allowing them to accumulate these critical resources over time.

Alternatively, players can take a different strategy and study the Manufacturing sector, as recommended by Grayson. Accessing this section necessitates traversing numerous barriers and using a forklift, which adds layers of complexity to the action.

However, the reward is enormous, as the Manufacturing sector produces more Power Cells than the initial Silo 3 approach. This alternative path is designed for players who value resource optimization and strategic preparation, providing them with a bigger number of Power Cells at the expense of a more complex growth path.

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What is the use of Power Cells in Abiotic Factor?

Power Cells in Abiotic Factor are essential items that perform a spectrum of functions in the game. They are largely employed to make and construct necessary tools, weapons, and equipment required for survival in the underground research bunker, which is filled with paranormal occurrences. These Power Cells are a crucial resource that players must gather and intelligently manage throughout the game.

Power Cells are specifically utilized to power devices like as forklifts, which are necessary for reaching new areas or escape routes within the bunker. Power Cells are an essential weapon in the player's collection, allowing them to overcome obstacles, acquire new items, and improve their survival powers in Abiotic Factor.

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Abiotic Factor Gameplay

At GATE, a global network of top-secret research facilities, you collaborate with exceptional minds to investigate all aspects of science, including the enigmatic and paranormal. However, a catastrophic containment breach has transformed your workplace into a war. Abnormalities and supernatural beings wander freely, otherworldly adversaries invade through portals, and a military faction known as The Order causes chaos and targets everyone.

With containment failing and no outside help available, you and your colleagues need to collaborate and work together, strategize, and transform the underground complex into a temporary sanctuary. Survival becomes your primary aim as you traverse the horrors that lurk in every nook of this once-safe haven.

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