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Hades 2 Chronos Boss Guide, How to Defeat Chronos in Hades 2?

Learn how to defeat Chronos in Hades 2 by mastering his moveset, crafting the best loadout, and utilizing strategic tactics to emerge victorious against the god of time in this thrilling boss battle.

by Vignesh

Updated May 09, 2024


Hades 2 Chronos Boss Guide, How to Defeat Chronos in Hades 2?

Hades 2 Chronos Boss Guide

In Hades 2, players meet the powerful Chronos boss, who is a titan of time and strength. Confronting Chronos needs cleverness, planning, and bravery. Chronos controls time and uses it to benefit himself. He quickly and constantly attacks, which challenges the player's reflexes and decision-making abilities.

In order to win against this strong opponent, players need to learn how he moves, avoid his attacks, and attack when they see the chance. Using the weapons, powers, and upgrades you collect during the game is necessary to defeat Chronos's strong defenses. In this guide, we will explore the details of Chronos's fighting style, weaknesses, and tactics to help players beat him. How can I beat Chronos in Hades 2? Let's discover the strategies to succeed over time.

How to Defeat Chronos in Hades 2?

Chronos is like a tough puzzle to solve because some of his powers are really hard to figure out – he wields a big scythe that can mess with time and space itself. When he attacks, he leaves behind a tear in the universe that hurts you a bit later. So, it's smart to stay away from wherever he or his scythe goes – don't rush in or you'll get hurt.

Besides swinging his scythe around, Chronos can throw it in a big arc in front of him and make a bubble shield around himself. But if you have Hestia's sprint power, you're safe from those bubble attacks. One of his nastiest moves is a wind that pulls you toward him, just like what Cerberus does in the Fields of Mourning.

Chronos isn't brave like a hero; he likes to protect himself with shields, call for backup, and freeze you in time with bubbles, like the hourglass enemies in Tartarus. The best places to be in a fight with Chronos are either right behind him or far away. He can't hit you from a distance except for one slow-wave attack.

He mostly moves by teleporting and dashing, which he does a lot. Funny enough, time works in your favor – don't rush and get hit by his moves. Save your energy because after you beat Chronos once, he pulls a trick to fight you again. In the second phase, the battleground is as dangerous as Chronos.

Sometimes, most of it goes dark, except for one spot you need to stand on. If you don't, you'll get a huge hit that can't be blocked. Chronos also has new tricks like light beams and more time bubbles, but he's weaker now. Just stay sharp and watch out for his deadly move. Since the battleground is smaller, you can't really avoid Chronos anymore – stick close to him and hit him hard. Once you beat him again, victory is yours to enjoy.

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Hades 2: Rewards for Defeating Chronos Boss

After defeating Chronos in Hades 2, you get a prize called Zodiac Sand. This special item will come in handy on your journey because it helps with your Incantations when you go back to The Crossroads.Using Zodiac Sand in Hades 2 to make the Judgement Arcana Card is a great idea.

This card is one of the best cards in the game. It costs 50 Ash and one Zodiac Sand to make, but you don't need any Grasp to use it. When turned on, it causes three, four, or five Arcana Cards that were not being used to become active randomly after each boss fight, providing you with extra strength and skills to help you on your journey. Therefore, by defeating Chronos, you not only get closer to winning but also get valuable resources to make yourself stronger and deal with even tougher challenges in the underworld.

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