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Who Was Eliminated on The Masked Singer Tonight? Find Out!

Curious to know who got eliminated from The Masked Singer tonight? Discover the latest reveal and find out which contestant bid farewell in this exciting episode of the popular singing competition show.

by Vignesh

Updated May 09, 2024


Who Was Eliminated on The Masked Singer Tonight? Find Out!

Who was Eliminated on The Masked Singer Tonight?

Poodle Moth was eliminated from the competition on tonight's episode of "The Masked Singer." The person dressed as a Poodle Moth in the show "This Is Us" gave a great singing performance of "Price Tag" by Jessie J ft. B.O.B. It was revealed to be Chrissy Metz. Although she put in a lot of effort, she received the fewest votes from the audience and was voted off the show.

During the season, Chrissy Metz impressed the judges and audience with her singing and emotional performances while playing Poodle Moth. Her appearance on the show showed how much she loves and is dedicated to music. Even with other masked singers competing, she still managed to hold the audience's attention with her singing.

Chrissy Metz's fans will never forget her performances on "The Masked Singer," even though she is no longer on the show. Her exit is a sad time as fans bid farewell to a skilled competitor who brought joy and excitement to the stage every week.

Who's still in the running on "The Masked Singer" for Season 11?

"Season 11 of "The Masked Singer" is getting more exciting as only a few contestants are left to compete for the Golden Mask trophy." Clock, Gumball, and Goldfish have earned their places in the semi-finals with amazing performances that impressed both the judges and the audience. These gifted people have faced difficulties and uncertainty but have managed to show their singing skills on the amazing stage.

Clock continues to wow the judges with her strong voice and emotional family story in every performance. Gumball, thinking about how he went from unsure to confident, puts lots of energy and passion into every song he performs. Goldfish always delivers amazing performances of classic songs, and the judges are always impressed. She is very adaptable and always bounces back from any challenges she faces.

As the competition goes on, the contestants still in it will have to deal with harder challenges and tougher competition. Clock, Gumball, and Goldfish have a lot of talent and the dedication to succeed, with the help of their fans. They are ready to do well in the semi-finals and could even win as the ultimate masked singer of Season 11.

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Who is Unmasked in The Masked Singer in Season 11?


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Poodle Moth

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May 1

The Beets

Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken

May 1


Corey Feldman

April 24


Jenifer Lewis

April 17


Kate Flannery

April 17

Ugly Sweater

Charlie Wilson

April 10


Demarcus Ware

April 10


Colton Underwood

April 3



March 27

Sir Lion

Billy Bush

March 20

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Joe Bastianich

March 13

Afghan Hound

Savannah Chrisley

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