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How to get the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade?

Learn how to obtain the valued Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade. Discover the obstacles, methods, and rewards associated with obtaining this prestigious armor for your character. rnrn

by Th Liidunai

Updated May 07, 2024


How to get the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is a 2024 video game in which players take control of the main character named Eve. She commands a team to protect humanity from monsters during an important battle. The game was developed by Shift Up, a Korean studio led by Kim Hyung-tae.

It was formerly referred to as Project Eve in 2019 before being announced as a PlayStation 5 game released by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2021. After a delay, it was released on April 26, 2024, and received positive reviews from critics.

How to get the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade?

To obtain the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade, players have to collect 49 cans scattered around the game. These cans provide many kinds of bonuses, including increased inventory for items such as Shock Grenades and Lingering Potions.

The Black Pearl outfit is one of Eve's several outfits, which can be changed by obtaining new outfits in requests, chests, or from merchants. Collecting all 49 cans is a difficult undertaking, but the rewards and Black Pearl Nano Suit make it worthwhile. Gamers have enjoyed collecting Eve suits since the game's release, with the Black Pearl Nano Suit being a popular reward near the end of the game.

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All Can Locations in Stellar Blade

There are 49 Cans in Stellar Blade. Here is the list of Stellar Blade All Can Locations.

Eidos 7 - Three Cans:

  • Cryo Original
  • Potential Blast
  • Elixir Carrot

Xion - Eight Cans:

  • Bayern Weissbier Dunkel
  • Dionysus C
  • Pixie
  • GrainT Oolong
  • Mountain Sparkle Mont Blanc
  • Behemoth Red
  • The Machinetta Caramel Macchiato
  • The Machinetta Americano

Wasteland - Fifteen Cans:

  • Cryo Café Original
  • Cryo the Clear
  • Cryo Zero
  • Corsair Lager
  • Bayern Hefe Weissbier
  • Behemoth Green
  • GrainT Corn
  • GrainT Barley
  • Elixir Green
  • Nectar Orange
  • Potential Tempest
  • Pixie Zero
  • Mountain Sparkle Halla
  • The Machinetta Café Latte
  • The Haven Green Tea

Matrix 11 - Three Cans:

  • Cryo Café Vanilla
  • Corsair Ale
  • Newfoundland Dry

Great Desert - Sixteen Cans:

  • Behemoth Black
  • Cryo the Malt
  • Cryo Café Mocha
  • The Haven Earl Grey
  • Johnson’s Highball Ginger
  • Johnson’s Highball Lemon
  • Nectar Grape
  • Nectar Cranberry
  • Liquid Nuclear
  • Liquid Fire
  • Milky Pop Zero
  • Starwell
  • Mountain Sparkle Everest
  • The Haven Milk Tea
  • Newfoundland Dry Zero
  • Potential Frost

Spire 4 - Four Cans:

  • Liquid Lightning
  • Milky Pop
  • Nectar Apple
  • Moonwell
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What is the use of the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade?

The Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade has functional benefits like as increased defense and unique powers, as well as being visually appealing. It stands out as a high-end armor set, representing the player's achievement. It's highly valued in the game because of its scarcity and importance to gaming immersion.

Stellar Blade, a PlayStation 5 exclusive, is recognized for its fast-paced action and rich narrative, as well as vast customization choices and a diverse range of weapons. Obtaining the Black Pearl Nano Suit is difficult, but it is a mark of achievement and style in the game.

How to get Outfits in Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade provides Eve and other characters with a wide range of customization options, such as Nano Suits, earrings, and eyewear. These clothing and accessories can be obtained by discovering boxes while exploring or by purchasing them from vendors with Vitcoin. Nano Suits found in the wild must be manufactured at camp Repair Consoles or with Lily before usage, as they require particular components.

Completing side quests or objectives unlocks new clothing, while the Deluxe Edition includes access to Stargazer cosmetics. Completing the 'First Customer' side quest in Xion opens a hair salon with more styling possibilities.

New Game Plus adds color choices and a new outfit called The Crew Style. Eve has a total of 41 outfits available, giving players plenty of personalization and styling options for their Naytiba-hunting adventures.

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