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Stellar Blade Recruit Passcode Specialists Guide

Take a look at Stellar Blade's Recruit Passcode Specialists task, where you'll collect scattered passcode pieces from various locations, solve challenges, and earn important rewards. In this entertaining side quest, you can explore intricate landscapes and find mysteries.

by Th Liidunai

Updated May 07, 2024


Stellar Blade Recruit Passcode Specialists Guide

Stellar Blade Recruit Passcode Specialists

The majority of the tasks in Stellar Blade are straightforward. But there is one assignment that can be quite difficult because it involves finding hidden altars. This is known as the Recruit Passcode Specialists mission. Even while it is not typically regarded as difficult, it can be annoying because you must search for specific locations with little direction.

To complete the Recruit Passcode Specialists quest, you must uncover six shrines placed across the game. These shrines contain sections of the passcode that you require. Even if you already know the passcode, you cannot simply type it into the container. To put together the passcode, you must visit all six shrines.

This quest takes time because you must travel to many locations, such as the Great Desert and the Wasteland. The task in question cannot be started until later in the game, and it may take some time to complete due to the extensive exploration required.

To put it simply, the Recruit Passcode Specialists quest in Stellar Blade is difficult since you must find hidden shrines in various locations to uncover a passcode, which can be time-consuming and irritating if you don't know where to look.

How to start Recruit Passcode Specialists?

To get started with the Recruit Passcode Specialists quest in Stellar Blade, locate one of the seven Chapter of Trial documents. When you find the first one, the task will appear on Xion's bulletin board. If it is not present, move on in the game.

The quest involves opening a crate in a massive ship in the southwest region of the Wasteland. This requires a passcode, which is hidden in six green shrines distributed around the game: two in the Wasteland, one in Matrix 11, and two in the Great Desert. Interact with all six shrines and obtain their documentation to enter the passcode. Use Adam's radar and the DualSense touchpad to locate shrines. Check the Data Bank > Document > Prayers menu to see which ones you have located.

After dealing with one trial in a region, begin the task on the bulletin board. Look for hints about a strange ship in the Wasteland, then travel to the southwest of the Wasteland, near Solar Tower, to locate the shipwreck and utilize the terminal inside.

Locate the Altars for password hints to finish the mission and receive the reward. In addition, keep an eye out for tips and clues dotted throughout the game, since they might provide essential help during this complex and difficult journey.

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How to Complete Recruit Passcode Specialists?

To complete Stellar Blade's Recruit Passcode Specialists task, first visit Matrix 11 and investigate a shrine in the abandoned refugee camp. This step is critical after beating the Stalker's enemy.

Next, gather letters from six shrines scattered across the game, including the Wastelands, Matrix 11, and Great Desert. These letters comprise portions of the passcode required to open a crate inside a broken ship in the Wastelands.

To unlock the crate and retrieve the seventh letter of the passcode, enter the right symbols on the keypad using the collected letters. Once you have all seven letters, enter the entire passcode to unlock the crate and get your reward.

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Recruit Passcode Specialists Shrine Locations

Here is the list of all the shrine locations:

Chapter of Trial 1: Matrix 11

Keep going on in the dungeon as usual until you reach an old settlement or hideout in the sewers. Once you arrive, go to the second floor examine the altar at the back, and obtain the first letter.

Chapter of Trial 2: Great Desert (North)

In the northern part of the Great Desert, amidst ruined buildings, there's a hidden shrine worth finding. Travel to the northeast area of the Great Desert, where you will come upon some run-down buildings. One of these structures houses a shrine on its second floor. Simply jump to reach it, interact with the box, and obtain the second letter.

Chapter of Trial 3: Great Desert (South)

Go to the southeastern corner of the zone to find another damaged building with an altar inside a nook. You may get to this place by fast traveling to the Way to the Solar Tower supply camp and then trekking north to the South of Buried Ruins camp. Look for a damaged overpass to your right and a trail leading to a ruined structure on your left. Follow this path to reach the nearby shrine to obtain the third letter.

Chapter of Trial 4: Great Desert (Hypertube)

To complete the Stellar Blade Recruit Passcode Specialists task, travel through the Hypertube in the region's northwest. This tube provides for quick transit, but keep an eye out for obstacles along the road. Once through, you'll come to an underground grotto with a tiny pond. Check the passage to the side for the trial or altar. To find the Hypertube entrance, head east from Adam and Lily's location near the ship. Play a mini-game inside the tube, dodging obstacles and slipping. After that, Eve will land in a tiny pond. Swim to the right to find a shrine to obtain the fourth letter.

Chapter of Trial 5: Wasteland (Eastern Great Canyon)

To locate the fifth letter in the Stellar Blade Recruit Passcode Specialists quest, begin at the Eastern Great Canyon camp and take the elevator down to the ravine. Follow the way north and look for a little nook at the bottom of the cliff. It's close to the Western Great Canyon supply camp, so travel there quickly and then head slightly northeast to find a hidden shrine inside a rock. Interact with the box to get the fifth letter.

Chapter of Trial 6: Wasteland (Western Great Canyon)

Go to the Altess Levoire Entrance Supply Camp and race northeast along a narrow route filled with enemies. At the end of this route, you'll uncover a little shrine nestled inside a caved rock. Interact with it to get the sixth and final letter in the Stellar Blade Recruit Passcode Specialists quest.

Recruit Passcode Specialists Reward

Once you've collected all six Chapter of Trial documents, go to the abandoned ship indicated by your quest marker to unlock the cargo container. The code to unlock it is in the same order as the documents listed: βθαλδζ.

The container contains the La Vie en Rose Nano Suit as well as the seventh document, Chapter of Salvation 0-Ω. While the La Vie en Rose clothing may appear unimpressive because it is only a recolored version of the Black Rose apparel, it is nonetheless a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

After unlocking the container, return to the bulletin board in Xion to complete the task and get 20,000 Gold.

About Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is a 2024 action-adventure video game created by Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Players take control of protagonist Eve as she tries to defend humanity from terrible creatures in a continuous war.

Shift Up, founded by Kim Hyung-tae, first highlighted the game as Project Eve in 2019, then confirmed it as a PlayStation 5 exclusive in 2021 and formally named Stellar Blade in 2022. The game was delayed from its original 2023 release date to April 26, 2024, on PlayStation 5. It earned positive feedback from critics.

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