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Tarot Ending Explained, Plot, Cast

Discover the ending of "Tarot," and explore themes of empowerment and resilience as the characters proceed through their destiny in this horror thriller.

by Th Liidunai

Updated May 04, 2024


Tarot Ending Explained, Plot, Cast

Tarot Ending Explained

In the movie "Tarot," there's a lot of background information provided, especially about the Astrologer and how she became connected to the tarot cards. The Astrologer was a lady in the 16th century who read the tarot for a Hungarian count. When the cards prophesied the death of the Count's pregnant wife, he exiled the Astrologer and later murdered her daughter. This enraged the Astrologer to the point where she performed a wicked ritual to bind her soul to the tarot cards, transforming herself into a shape-shifter. Her purpose was to kill anyone who utilized the cards. The film creates suspense by gradually disclosing the Astrologer's presence throughout the plot, building a sense of dread for the last act.

One of the film's most memorable moments is Paige's death during a scene in which the Astrologer transforms into a magician. Although the scenario isn't particularly graphic, Avantika's acting raises the tension. As the story progresses, Haley accepts the challenge of confronting the Astrologer after reading her horoscope.

The film ends with Haley successfully overcoming the Astrologer and escaping the mansion with Grant. However, there is a twist when Paxton, who was assumed dead, appears alive as a result of his roommate's prompt intervention. This scene provides a lighthearted aspect to the ending, demonstrating that the film does not take itself too seriously, despite its heavier themes.

Haley's final meeting with The Astrologer focuses on issues of fate and personal growth, emphasizing that people have the ability to modify their destiny regardless of astrological forecasts. Overall, "Tarot"'s ending combines tension, horror, and entertainment.


"Tarot" is about a group of friends who hire a mansion for Elise's birthday party. During their stay, they come across an old tarot deck in the basement and decide to have readings done by Haley, despite warnings about using someone else's deck. The readings foretell horrible outcomes for each individual, and they quickly discover that these predictions are coming true in terrifying ways. They learn about the tarot deck's dreadful origins and how an ancient astrologer bonded her spirit to the cards.

As the group meets terrible encounters based on their readings, they turn to Alma, an occult expert. Alma discloses the deck's dark origins and fatal repercussions. The group attempts to dismantle the deck but encounters obstacles and other tragedies. Finally, Haley confronts the curse by reading the astrologer's horoscope, breaking it, and destroying the deck to save herself, Grant, and Paige.

The film finishes with Paxton surviving the incident with the cursed deck, thanks to his roommate's intervention right away. Haley, Grant, and Paige survive and unite with Paxton, who tells them how he survived his confrontation with the deck.

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Actor Name

Character Name

Harriet Slater


Jacob Batalon


Avantika Vandanapu


Adain Bradley


Humberly González


Wolfgang Novogratz


Larsen Thompson


Olwen Fouéré

Alma Astryn

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Directed by

Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg

Based on

"Horrorscope" by Nicholas Adams

Produced by

Leslie Morgenstein, Scott Glassgold, Elysa Koplovitz Dutton


Elie Smolkin

Edited by

Tom Elkins

Music by

Joseph Bishara

Production Companies

Screen Gems, Alloy Entertainment, Ground Control

Distributed by

Sony Pictures Releasing

Release date

May 3, 2024

Running time

92 minutes


United States



Release date

"Tarot" was released on May 3, 2024. It was originally scheduled for release on June 28, 2024. The release date was later moved to May 10, 2024. However, it was later rescheduled for May 3, 2024, one week sooner than the original May 10 date. These adjustments were most likely made to determine the ideal moment for the film's release, taking into account the audience and industry preferences.


"Tarot" is currently playing in theaters, allowing audiences to see its thrilling plot on the big screen. However, for those who prefer to watch from home, the film will be available on digital platforms in June 2024. This allows viewers to have a more flexible experience with the horror picture.

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