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The Otago Daily Times Quick Crossword Solved Clues are Here (May 3, 2024)

Try today’s crossword clues, and if you feel difficult to solve them, check the answers and explanations in this article.

by Sivasankari

Updated May 03, 2024


The Otago Daily Times Quick Crossword Solved Clues are Here (May 3, 2024)

Do you think you are good at solving difficult puzzles? Check how good you are by figuring out the answer to the clues provided below. Today’s clues are easy to crack and if you feel any difficulty, you can check the answer and explanation here. Improve your thinking ability by solving daily puzzles.



When you reach the highest point of a mountain or any elevated place, you've reached the summit. The word TIPT could be interpreted as a past tense form of tip, which is a synonym for summit when referring to the highest point of something. Thus, TIPT fits the theme of reaching the top or summit.

Think carefully


When you think carefully, you are giving thorough consideration or contemplation to something. Similarly, CONSIDER means to think about something carefully or to take into account before making a decision. Both phrases convey the idea of giving thought or consideration to something before acting or deciding.

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Louder refers to increasing the volume or intensity of sound. NOISIER is a synonym for louder but specifically refers to an increase in noise level, suggesting a higher degree of noise or cacophony. Both words describe an escalation in the intensity of sound, with NOISIER emphasizing the level of noise.

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Beginning refers to the initial phase or starting point of something. EARLY also relates to the beginning of a period or the initial part of an event, indicating a time frame that precedes others. Both words denote the concept of starting or commencing something, with EARLY highlighting the aspect of being at the beginning of a time period.

Compulsory military service


Compulsory military service refers to the mandatory enlistment of citizens into the armed forces. CONSCRIPTION is a term used to describe this practice of compulsory enlistment, where individuals are legally required to serve in the military for a specified period. Both phrases relate to the obligation of citizens to join the military.



Terminate means to end or bring to a conclusion. KEY in this context likely refers to a critical or essential factor that leads to the end or termination of something. So, KEY here signifies the crucial element that results in termination, thus forming a logical pair with Terminate.

Tip over


Tip over typically means to overturn or cause something to fall on its side. In the context of firearms, RIFLE could refer to a type of gun that might tip over if not properly secured. Though less common, RIFLE might also evoke the idea of tipping the barrel of a rifle downward, as in the action of aiming or firing. Thus, RIFLE pairs with Tip over in a thematic association.



Pair refers to the act of bringing together two items or people that complement each other or are suited to each other. WED is a synonym for getting married, which involves pairing two individuals in a committed relationship. Both Pair and WED involve the joining or uniting of two entities, making them fitting answers to their respective clues.

Mental contest


A mental contest is a competition of intellect or mental prowess, where individuals engage in strategic thinking or problem-solving. BATTLE OF WITS describes a similar scenario, emphasizing the confrontation of intelligence, cunning, or wit between opponents. Both phrases convey the idea of a contest or competition centered around mental abilities or acumen.

Interesting knick-knack or souvenir


A curio refers to an interesting or unusual object, often kept for its aesthetic or historical value. In the context of souvenirs or knick-knacks, a curio would be something unique or intriguing that catches one's attention. Both phrases describe items that are interesting or captivating in some way, making them suitable answers for each other.



Exceptional typically means surpassing the norm or being outstanding in some way. LIMITED suggests that something is restricted or not widely available. Both words convey a sense of rarity or uniqueness, with LIMITED specifically highlighting a restriction in quantity or availability, which aligns with the idea of being exceptional.



Entangled describes being caught up or trapped in a complex situation, often with difficulties in finding a way out. CONFUSED refers to a state of being bewildered or lacking clarity of thought or understanding. Both words imply a sense of being caught up in a muddled or complicated situation, where clarity or resolution is lacking.

Cheeky children


IMPS is a term used to describe mischievous or playful children, often with a bit of a rebellious or impish nature. Cheeky children similarly refers to children who are bold or impudent in a playful or teasing manner. Both phrases characterize children who exhibit a spirited or mischievous demeanor, making them fitting pairs.

Lost control through fear


When someone is panicked, they have lost control of their emotions due to fear or anxiety, often resulting in frantic or chaotic behavior. Lost control through fear describes a similar situation where fear overwhelms someone to the point of losing control. Both phrases convey the idea of fear-induced loss of control, with PANICKED specifically describing the resulting state of agitation or panic.

Adjust, straighten


When you adjust or straighten something, you are bringing it into proper alignment or positioning. ALIGN directly corresponds to this action, as it means to arrange or position things in a straight line or in proper order. Both phrases convey the idea of arranging or positioning something correctly.



Paddle refers to the act of propelling a boat through water using oars. ROW is a synonym for this action, specifically referring to the act of moving a boat forward by pulling oars through the water. Both phrases describe the action of maneuvering a boat through rowing.

Below strength


Below strength indicates that there are fewer personnel or resources available than required or expected. SHORT STAFFED directly corresponds to this situation, describing a condition where there is an insufficient number of staff members to meet demands or requirements. Both phrases convey the idea of a deficiency in manpower or resources.



Disharmony refers to a lack of agreement or compatibility among people or things. UNPEACE is a term that reflects a state of discord or lack of peace. Both phrases describe a situation where there is a lack of harmony or tranquility, indicating unrest or conflict.



Decays refers to the process of deteriorating or breaking down over time, often due to natural processes or neglect. SAPS is a term that can be used to describe the weakening or depletion of something, similar to the process of decay. Both phrases convey the idea of gradual deterioration or weakening.



Impolite refers to behavior that is rude or lacking in manners. COMPROMISING could be interpreted in this context as behavior that undermines one's principles or integrity, which can be seen as impolite in certain situations. Both phrases describe behavior that may be considered disrespectful or inappropriate in social interactions.

Give out


Give out typically means to distribute or dispense something among others. SHARE is a synonym for this action, specifically indicating the act of distributing something among multiple individuals. Both phrases convey the idea of distributing or dividing something among others.

Seeks opinions


When someone seeks opinions, they are actively looking for advice, feedback, or input from others. CONSULTS directly corresponds to this action, as it means to seek guidance or advice from someone with expertise or knowledge. Both phrases describe the action of seeking input or opinions from others.



Drawing can refer to the act of creating an illustration or a visual representation of something. RANGING could be interpreted in this context as the process of creating or depicting a range of things, such as a landscape or a series of objects. Both phrases relate to creating visual representations or depictions.



A dialect is a particular form of a language that is specific to a region or social group, often characterized by unique vocabulary and pronunciation. ARGOT refers to the specialized language or vocabulary used by a particular group, such as slang or jargon. Both phrases describe specialized forms of language used within specific groups or communities.

Measure of land


A measure of land refers to a unit of measurement used to quantify the size or extent of a piece of land. AREA directly corresponds to this concept, as it refers to the amount of space within a defined boundary, often used to describe the size of land or property. Both phrases relate to quantifying the size or extent of land.



Perceive means to become aware of something through the senses, particularly sight or observation. EYE could be interpreted in this context as the organ of sight or the ability to visually perceive things. Both phrases relate to the act of seeing or perceiving things visually

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