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Check Answers for Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle (May 03, 2024)

Did you solve today's Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle? If not, don't worry! We'll guide you through the process to solve it easily.

by Sivasankari

Updated May 03, 2024


Check Answers for Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle (May 03, 2024)

Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle offers a delightful experience full of enjoyment. Each puzzle is like a little adventure waiting to be solved. Start with a grid of squares and clues that hint at the words hidden within. Visit our page for the latest Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle and dive into the world of entertainment!

Cause to happen (5,5)


Cause to happen suggests instigating a change or outcome, which perfectly aligns with BRING ABOUT. This phrase encapsulates the action of making something occur or come into existence through deliberate effort or influence.

Victors (7)


Victors refers to those who have emerged triumphant, capturing the essence of WINNERS. It implies individuals or groups who have succeeded in competitions, battles, or any endeavor where there is a contest or struggle for supremacy.

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Figurine toys (5)

Answer: DOLLS

Figurine toys indicates small, often human-like models used for play or display, fittingly described as DOLLS. These objects, typically representing characters or people, are popular among children for imaginative play and collectors for their aesthetic appeal.

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Unwelcome plant (4)

Answer: WEED

Unwelcome plant denotes a type of vegetation that is undesirable or intrusive in a particular context, succinctly termed as a WEED. These plants often grow vigorously and can outcompete desired plants in gardens or agricultural fields.

Cook in hot water (4)

Answer: BOIL

Cook in hot water implies the action of subjecting food to boiling, a fundamental cooking method involving immersing ingredients in boiling water. This succinctly describes BOIL, the process of heating water to its boiling point to cook food thoroughly or prepare beverages like tea or coffee.

Popular beverage (3)

Answer: TEA

Popular beverage points to a widely consumed drink enjoyed by many, succinctly captured by TEA. This beverage, made by steeping dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant in hot water, holds cultural significance worldwide and is cherished for its diverse flavors and health benefits.

Thin slice of bacon (6)

Answer: RASHER

A Thin slice of bacon typically refers to a single portion of bacon, thinly cut, often used in breakfast dishes. The answer is RASHER, which denotes precisely this portion of bacon, usually cooked until crisp.

Route or direction followed (6)

Answer: COURSE

When we consider Route or direction followed, we're contemplating the path or course taken to reach a destination. In this context, the answer COURSE fits perfectly, as it signifies both the physical route and the broader direction of travel.

And not (3)

Answer: NOR

And not is a concise way of expressing negation, indicating the exclusion of one thing in favor of another. The answer NOR serves this purpose in English language, signaling a negative conjunction to connect two negative clauses.

Midday (4)

Answer: NOON

Midday points to the specific time of day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. The answer NOON precisely represents this moment, typically occurring around 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

Strong taste (4)

Answer: TANG

Strong taste describes a flavor profile characterized by intensity and sharpness on the palate. The answer TANG captures this sensation, often associated with citrus fruits or certain types of cheeses.

Volley of gunfire (5)

Answer: SALVO

A Volley of gunfire evokes imagery of rapid and consecutive bursts of shots fired in warfare or combat scenarios. The answer SALVO encapsulates this concept, denoting a simultaneous discharge of firearms or other weapons.

Inflatable rubber bag (7)


Inflatable rubber bag hints at something that's commonly made of rubber and expands when filled with air. It's often used for decoration or amusement at parties and celebrations. The answer is BALLOON, fitting the description perfectly as it matches both the material and the characteristic of inflation.

Bold exploits (10)


Bold exploits suggests actions that are daring and adventurous, typically involving risk or danger. These are often recounted in tales of bravery and excitement. The answer, ADVENTURES, encapsulates the idea of daring escapades or remarkable deeds that push the boundaries.

Sausages (7)


Sausages points to a type of food commonly made from ground meat stuffed into a casing. This dish is often associated with breakfast or grilling, enjoyed in various cultures worldwide. The answer, BANGERS, refers specifically to sausages, especially those with a distinctively loud sizzling sound when cooked.

Article (4)

Answer: ITEM

Article indicates a short word typically used to denote something specific or particular. It's commonly seen preceding nouns in sentences to specify or limit their scope. The answer, ITEM, fits this description as it refers to a distinct unit or object, often of interest or relevance in a given context.

Tactic in industrial conflict (2-4)

Answer: GO SLOW

Tactic in industrial conflict hints at a strategy employed by workers during labor disputes, often as a form of protest or negotiation. This approach involves deliberately slowing down work processes to disrupt productivity and pressure employers.

Enmity (3,5)


When two individuals or groups harbor deep-seated animosity, the phrase that encapsulates their relationship is BAD BLOOD. It signifies a longstanding feud or bitterness between parties, often stemming from unresolved conflicts or past grievances.

Unilluminated (5)

Answer: UNLIT

In the absence of light, an area or object remains shrouded in darkness, described succinctly as UNLIT. This term denotes a lack of illumination, whether due to the absence of light sources or deliberate dimming, creating an atmosphere of obscurity or mystery.

Clumsiness, ungainliness (11)


When someone lacks coordination or finesse in their movements, their actions are characterized by AWKWARDNESS. This quality manifests as a lack of smoothness or grace, often leading to inadvertent mishaps or uncomfortable situations for the individual.

One who sells houses for clients (6,5)


A professional tasked with facilitating the sale of properties on behalf of clients is known as an ESTATE AGENT. These individuals possess expertise in real estate transactions, assisting both buyers and sellers in navigating the complexities of property sales.

Tall thin person (8)


Describing someone who possesses a notably slender and elongated physique, the term BEANPOLE succinctly captures this characteristic. It evokes imagery of a person resembling the long, slender shape of a beanpole or a tall, thin pole typically used for supporting climbing plants.

Motives (7)


Motives, the driving forces behind actions, decisions, and behaviors, are often multifaceted and complex. Within the realm of human psychology and behavior, understanding the reasons behind why individuals act as they do is crucial for insight and comprehension.

Water ice (6)

Answer: SORBET

When it comes to frozen desserts, water ice could refer to a variety of treats, but in this case, it's a specific one: sorbet. Sorbet is a refreshing frozen dessert made primarily of fruit puree or juice, water, and sugar. Its icy texture and fruity flavors make it a delightful option, especially during hot summer days.

Irritated (5)

Answer: RILED

To be irritated is to be bothered or annoyed, often due to some external stimulus or circumstance. When someone is riled, they're not just irritated; they're even more agitated or provoked, perhaps to the point of expressing their frustration or anger outwardly.

Pronounce indistinctly (4)

Answer: SLUR

When someone slurs their speech, they're not articulating words clearly or distinctly. This can happen due to various reasons, such as intoxication, fatigue, or certain speech impediments. Slurring can make communication challenging and sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

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