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Today’s Daily Telegraph Quick Crossword Clue Answers Revealed Here

Get your answer for today’s Daily Telegraph Quick Crossword Puzzle with a simple explanation and enjoy the game.

by Sivasankari

Updated May 03, 2024


Today’s Daily Telegraph Quick Crossword Clue Answers Revealed Here

The Daily Telegraph Quick puzzle features both small and large grid answers. By solving these crosswords, you can learn many things, such as improving your vocabulary, developing skills, and learning to guess solutions in multiple ways. Though the puzzle takes time to solve, it's definitely worth it! Visit our page for the more Daily Telegraph Quick Crossword Puzzle and have fun.

Cricketers' practice area

Answer: NETS

Cricketers often use nets for practice sessions. Nets are enclosed areas where bowlers bowl and batsmen bat in a controlled environment, allowing players to refine their skills and techniques. Therefore, NETS is a fitting answer for the given clue as it is a common practice area for cricketers.


Answer: LOVE

An idol is typically a person or thing that is greatly admired, adored, or revered. LOVE can be interpreted as intense affection or admiration towards someone or something. In this context, LOVE could represent the strong emotional attachment or admiration that people may have towards their idols. Both phrases relate to deep feelings of admiration or affection.

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Soft roll

Answer: BAP

A soft roll is a type of small bread roll that is soft and often served with sandwiches or burgers. BAP is a term that can be used to describe such a soft roll, particularly in British English. Both phrases refer to the same type of bread product, with BAP being a specific term for a soft roll.

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A flag is a piece of cloth with a distinctive design that represents a country, organization, or cause and is often flown from a pole or mast. HEADING can refer to the title or text at the top of a page or document, which serves as an identifier or marker for the content that follows. While HEADING can have different meanings, in the context of a crossword puzzle, it could be interpreted as a term used to identify a flag's design or purpose, making it a suitable answer for the given clue.

Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet

Answer: DELTA

The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet is DELTA. In Greek, DELTA (Δ) represents the equivalent sound of the English letter D. Therefore, DELTA is the correct answer for the clue that asks for the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.


Answer: FREED

Untied means to release or loosen something that was previously tied or bound. FREED is a synonym for this action, indicating liberation from constraints or restrictions. Both phrases convey the idea of being released from a state of confinement or restraint.



Apprehensive describes feeling anxious or fearful about something that may happen in the future. AWESOME typically means inspiring awe or admiration due to grandeur or excellence. While AWESOME can have positive connotations, it doesn't directly relate to the meaning of Apprehensive, which is about feeling anxious or worried.


Answer: WITH IT

Modern refers to something that is current or up-to-date, often in terms of style, technology, or culture. WITH IT is a colloquial phrase that means being fashionable or up-to-date with the latest trends or developments. Both phrases convey the idea of being contemporary or in line with current norms or standards.


Answer: NESTED

Remained implies staying or continuing in a particular place or condition. NESTED can be interpreted as settling or remaining in a place comfortably, often associated with birds building nests and remaining there. Both phrases suggest a state of staying or remaining in a fixed position or condition.



An affray is a public disturbance or brawl involving several people. A CONTEST can also involve a public competition or struggle, often with multiple participants. Both phrases convey the idea of conflict or competition involving multiple parties, whether in a physical altercation or in a formal competition.


Answer: FIRED

Scorched refers to something that has been burned or charred, often due to exposure to intense heat or flames. FIRED can mean being subjected to fire or being dismissed from a job. While FIRED can have multiple meanings, in the context of the clue Scorched, it likely refers to the action of being exposed to fire or heat, thus forming a logical association with Scorched.

Yellowish-green colour

Answer: OLIVE

OLIVE is a color that falls within the spectrum of yellowish-green hues, resembling the color of olives, a type of fruit. Both phrases describe the same color, with OLIVE being the specific term used to denote the shade of yellowish-green.



Thin can describe something having little thickness or density. DILUTED can be understood as something made thinner or less concentrated by adding a solvent or liquid. Both phrases convey the idea of reduced thickness or density, with DILUTED specifically indicating a decrease in concentration.


Answer: CRY

Noise typically refers to any unwanted or unpleasant sound. CRY can be interpreted as a loud vocalization expressing emotion, often associated with distress or pain. While Cry could denote a type of sound, typically associated with human emotions, it is not a direct synonym for Noise. However, in a crossword puzzle context, Cry could be a fitting answer depending on the phrasing of the clue.


Answer: TEST

Search refers to the act of looking for something or trying to find information. TEST can be understood as a method of examining or evaluating something to assess its quality or performance. While TEST is not a direct synonym for Search, it could be interpreted as a form of examination or trial to find or determine something, making it a plausible answer in a crossword puzzle.


Answer: TOMB

A mausoleum is a large, elaborate tomb or burial chamber, often constructed to house the remains of a prominent person or family. TOMB is a general term for a grave or burial place, which can include simple as well as elaborate structures. Both phrases relate to places where deceased individuals are laid to rest, with Mausoleum specifically referring to a grand or elaborate tomb.

Himalayan country

Answer: TIBET

TIBET is a region located in the Himalayas and is commonly associated with being a part of the Himalayan mountain range. While TIBET is not a country in the traditional sense, as it is an autonomous region within China, it is often referred to as a distinct cultural and geographical entity. Therefore, it fits the clue as a region within the Himalayas.

Ballroom dance

Answer: CONGA

The CONGA is a lively, syncopated style of Cuban dance often performed in a line or a circle. It's commonly seen as a festive dance done in groups, making it suitable for ballroom settings where social dancing is prevalent.

Stretch out

Answer: RUBOUT

RUBOUT generally refers to the act of erasing or removing something by rubbing it out. While stretch out might not have a direct correlation with RUBOUT in conventional language use, in the context of a crossword puzzle, RUBOUT could be interpreted as stretching or erasing something out, thus forming a logical connection.


Answer: CAUSE

While CAUSE typically denotes the reason behind something or the factor that brings about an effect, in the context of a crossword puzzle, it could be interpreted as a command or directive that leads to a certain action or consequence. This interpretation might rely on a specific context within the puzzle.



A VERANDA is an open-air, roofed gallery or porch, usually enclosed by railings, typically extending along the outside of a building. While a terrace can also refer to an outdoor area, often paved or raised, it doesn't specifically imply the roofed structure that a VERANDA does. However, both terms relate to outdoor spaces connected to buildings, which might be why VERANDA was chosen as the answer in this crossword.

Paid tribute to


To SALUTE someone or something is to show respect or admiration, often through a gesture or action such as a formal greeting or a military salute. Paid tribute to implies showing respect or admiration for someone or something, which aligns with the action of saluting.


Answer: EATERY

An EATERY is a casual restaurant or establishment where food is served, often implying a cozy or informal atmosphere. An inn is a lodging establishment that typically offers accommodation and meals, including a dining area where guests can eat. While the two terms describe different types of establishments, they both relate to places where food is served, making EATERY a suitable answer in the context of a crossword puzzle.


Answer: MAKE OUT

MAKE OUT typically means to discern or understand something, often in a challenging or unclear situation. While MAKE OUT doesn't directly mean answer, it could be interpreted as successfully determining or figuring out a solution or response, which aligns with the concept of providing an answer in a crossword puzzle.


Answer: TELL OFF

To TELL OFF someone is to scold or reprimand them, often for wrongdoing or misbehavior. While TELL OFF doesn't directly mean warn, it could be interpreted as a form of warning someone about their behavior or actions, particularly by admonishing or reprimanding them. In the context of a crossword puzzle, where clues and answers often rely on creative wordplay, TELL OFF could be a fitting answer for the clue Warn.


Answer: SPHERE

Pill typically refers to a small, rounded medication, and in the context of a crossword puzzle, the answer SPHERE fits perfectly. Both are spherical in shape, making SPHERE the apt solution.


Answer: CREATE

Cause suggests the action of bringing something into existence, akin to the act of CREATE. Whether it's the genesis of an idea or the initiation of an event, CREATE embodies the essence of causation.

Not stale

Answer: FRESH

Not stale conveys the idea of freshness, implying something recently made or renewed. In this context, FRESH perfectly encapsulates the opposite of stale, aligning with the crossword puzzle's theme of finding concise and fitting solutions.


Answer: TUNER

Wireless indicates a method of communication or connection that doesn't require physical wires, making TUNER an appropriate answer. A tuner can receive wireless signals, like those for radio or television, fitting the clue seamlessly.


Answer: SHAKE

Pulsate evokes a rhythmic movement or vibration, akin to the action of SHAKE. Both convey a sense of periodic motion or oscillation, making SHAKE a suitable answer to the crossword puzzle's query.

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